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Stone-Carvers Celebrate their Inofficial Holiday

Photo by Nastia Yeltseva Today is a Stone-Carver's Day, but this date is not officially marked in the calendars. It is an informal holiday which was suggested by a group of Tuvan masters on the Saryg-Khaaia mountain (Bai-Taiga district) almost ten years ago. Every September stone-carvers go to Saryg-Khaaia agalmatolite site, the only place where chonar-dash (soft stone) is purchased. The gathered stone lasts them a year till the next trip in Autumn.
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Dina Oyun

Minister of Finances Ignored Parliamentary Invitation

The first after the summer vacations parliamentary session stopped short after the minister of finances did not come on the deputies' invitation to speak on the government work at the new republican budget. The deputies were indignant at this attitude to the legislative power. Deputy Kaadyr-ool Bicheldey said that we are eager to cooperate with the Government but it should be a two parties movement.
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Dina Oyun
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1) 01.09.2022: Day of memory and honour of Tuvan volunteers who fighted against fascism (Tuva)

2) 01.11.2022: Day of Tuvan language (Tuva)

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