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Yakut Film on Chingiskhaan is Supported by Mongolia

Eduard Ondar. Courtesy of Eurasia foundation Mongolia promises to support a new film 'On Chingiskhaan's Will' by Yakut film-director Andrei Borisov. This agreement was achieved at the meeting in Ulaan-Bator between Andrei Borisov, who is also head of the Yakut Ministry for Culture and Spiritual Development and Mongolian Minister for Education and Culture Mr Tsagaan. The main role in the Yakut version of the Great Chieftain's life will be played by Eduard Ondar, young Tuvan actor, who was chosen out of 200 candidates. Shooting has already taken place in Yakutian mountaineous districts, in Irkutsk region, in Buryatia and in Tuva.
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Dina Oyun
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