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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Rally against the Present Policy of the Russian Authorities Took Place in Tuva

Dozens of people have taken part in the today rally held on the Lenin Square in Photo by Tass Kyzyl on the occasion of the 88th anniversary of the October, 1917 revolution in Russia. Representatives of the Communist party traditionally hold big manifestations on that day. But this time they had to gather on the working day. They protested against the cancellation of the old holiday which was a date in the Russian history.
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Dina Oyun

National Unity Holiday was Celebrated in Tuva by a Charity Campaign

A new holiday - National Unity Day - was for the 1st time celebrated in Russia on the 4th of November. The date was meant to substitute an old holiday celebrated all over the counstry - the day of the October Revolution. As the authorities say, the day which split the country in 1917 should not be celebrated any more. A close to it date - the 4th of November - when the united people masses headed by Minin and Pozharski (their statue stands on the Red Square) liberated the country from the Polish occupants in the 14th century was found in the Kremlin.
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Dina Oyun

Bronze Knight Goes to Tuvan Theatre

The closing ceremony of the 3d International Theatre Festival 'Golden King Lear (Alexandr Salchak) and Regana (Galina Munzuk) Knight' is now taking place in Minsk. The jury has just declared prize-winners of the contest that gathered in the capital of Belarus 30 theatres from many countries. Tuvan theatre presented 'King Lear' and collected a number of prizes for it. First and foremost it was awarded with the "Bronze Knight" statue in the main nomination.
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Dina Oyun

Sergei Shoigu, Native of Tuva, Placed Second after Putin in the All-Russian Popularity Rating

President Putin’s approval rating rose to its all-time high last month, showed an opinion poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

Seventy three percent of respondents approved of the job Putin was doing as President of Russia. His disapproval rating dropped from 27 percent in February to 19 percent in August, the lowest this year.

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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Theatre Performs in Belarus

Today the 3d International Theatre Festival "Golden Knight" in Minsk (Belarus) is hosting the Day of Russia. A part of it will be a play "King Lear" presented by Tuvan Drama theatre. Shakespear's verses were translated into Tuvan by Eduard Mizhit. The play was staged by Alexei Oorzhak. Alexandr Salchak plays the main role. The Tuvan interpretation of the great play has already collected a lot of theatrical prizes - in Turkey, in Krasnoyarsk, and in Kazan (Tatarstan).
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Dina Oyun

Two Children Died of Food Intoxication

Two children, aged 2 and 6, were found dead in an apartment in the town of Ak-Dovurak. Their mother was transported to a clinic and is now recovering. It is suspected that the children died of the food intoxication. Sausages and other products found on the table are now being analysed.
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IA "Sibir"

New Universal Sports Centre in Kyzyl: Pro and Contra

Tuva will be among one of the first Russian regions to have a universal sports centre of the quick construction type. The idea to construct a new Participants of the picket supporting the new sports centre. Photo by press-service of the Government sports centre in his native town belongs to Sergei Shoigu, Emergency Situations Minister of the Russian Federation. He promised to find 150 mln rouble (5 mln dollars) needed to carry out the project. It will take only half a year to be implemented in accordance with the new technologies and will present by itself a huge construction with an ice arena for hockey and figure skating and a football field and track and filed athletics.
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Dina Oyun
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