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Young Journalists Get Acquainted with Media Laws

Young journalists of Tuva gathered today in the conference-hall of the Kyzyl Educational Centre 'Anyak' (Youth). Over 20 senior schoolchildren in Kyzyl chose journalism as their future proffession and study it with the help of tutors - Anna Lachugina, Lubliana Paratmaa, Tamara Kuular in 'Anyak'. Almost 10 students of the Republican Lyceum are members of the editorial staff of the Lyceum news-papers issued quarterly have joined them today.
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Dina Oyun

Legendary Tuvan Mark Oyun Died

He was not a singer, not a famous khoomeizhi, not an artist, but he was known by everyone in Pii-Khem district. He was a cultural organiser, whose energy made every concert a worthseeing event. Mark Oyun, 73, died today. He was the only one whose name was given to the Palace of Culture in his home Turan, alexistrative centre of the Pii-Khem district, not after his death, but in his life time, as a sign of big respect from his countrymen.
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Sayana Mongush

First Stone Lain to Turn into a New Sports Complex

Maadyr Mongush, well-known Tuvan wrestler, was honoured to lay the first symbolic stone to the construction of a new sports complex which will be erected in the Southern neighbourhood of Kyzyl. The official ceremony devoted to this event gathered over 600 'Yedinaya Rossia' (United Russia) party members, sportsmen, officials.
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