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» Moscow will Host the Third Kyzyl-Moscow Music Festival in Autumn
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«    May 2006    »
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Moscow will Host the Third Kyzyl-Moscow Music Festival in Autumn

A new program for the Third 'Kyzyl-Moscow' Music Festival will be announced on the 13th of June at the Moscow Cultural centre 'Dom'. As Georgi Beletski, festival director, who prefers to be called by Tuvan name Arat, reported to 'Tuva-Online', during the presentation of the 3d 'Kyzyl-Moscow', the dates and the place of the traditionally held in Autumn festival will be specified. Presentation guests will be also able to buy a newly-released CD with all the musical pieces recorded live at the second 'Kyzyl-Moscow' festival.

It opened in the Moscow cultural centre 'Dom' October, 15, 2005. Nearby a yurt was set up where journalists gathered for a press-conference were offered traditional Tuvan food. Eric Saryglar opened the program with his extremely low kargyraa. His performance was followed by the 'Salgal' group of young throat-singers, fresh school-leavers of the Kyzyl school № 4. Ayan-ool Sam presented his own variations of Tuvan traditional singing. Otkun Dostai and Georgi Beletski (director of the festival) performed Tuvan cuplets.

On the second day 'Kyzyl-Moscow-2005', which took place in the theatre centre on Sretenka, 'Ene-Say' group (Tuva), Cheinesh (Altai), Victor Zhalsanov (Buryatia) and Namgar group from Mongolia were starring.

Dina Oyun
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