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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Chinese Corporation Ready to Invest over $200 bln to the Ore Development in Tuva

Chinese international corporation 'Lunsin' signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Tuva on development of the Kyzyl-Tashtyg polymetal ore field in Tuva. Alexandr Brokert, first deputy prime minister, signed it in Moscow from the Tuvan part. He said that the project involves the construction of an enrichment plant at the field, and will resolve the problem of transport infrastructure and electricity supplies to the remote Todja district. The signing ceremony took place within the official opening of the Year of China in the Russian Federation.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Railway Received State Support

The Russian government has thought of a way to make the Republic of Tyva free of subsidies from the federal budget. All it takes to make it happen is to build 460 km of the Kyzyl-Kuragino railway. Today the commission on investment projects of national importance agreed to allocate R30bn [about 1.1bn dollars at the current rate of exchange] from the investment fund for the construction.

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Opposition Candidates Whose Victory at the Past Elections was Illegally Cancelled by Election Commission Went on Hunger Strike

Administrative pressure engaged by Tuvan prime-minister Sherig-ool Oorzhak in his desire to stay one more term in office in the past parliamentary elections has led to cancellation of the vote results in the constituencies where opposition received the majority. This decision was mase by the election commission of Kyzyl, whose members were pressed (even in night time) to vote in accordance with the executive power, the pretext for cancellation was the following - the election polls were not formed correctly.

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Dina Oyun

"Ustuu-Khuree" Festival will be Held on July, 25-29

"Ustuu-Khuree" Live Music Festival will be help on July 25-29, 2007, director of festival Igor Dulush told "Tuva-Online". He noted that the dates for festival are appointed after consulting with Tuva's Kamby-Lama (chief lama), who recommended these days this year.

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Dina Oyun

Tuva-Mongolia Friendship Society Established in Tuva

Voluntary organization for frienship between Tuva and Mongolia "Naiyral" was established in Kyzyl. Constituent assembly for the new organization with participants from Tuva and Mongolia - residents of settlements near border - was held in Aldan-Maadyr (60 heroes) National Museum in Kyzyl.

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Dina Oyun

Finnish Throatsinging Society is celebrating 10th anniversary

Finnish Throatsinging Society will have an exhibition "Photos from throatsinging lands” in April. People who have visited Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakassia etc. are welcome to send their best shots. From these shots 40 best ones will be chosen and will be put onto the walls of the gallery of Finnish Environment Central (tän ottasin pois: in April). Send your best shots to: Deadline is 15th of March.
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Sauli Heikkilä
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