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«    April 2007    »
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Tuva's Government Members Appointed

New Tuva's Government would have a new structure consisting of 12 ministeries instead of 16 in the old Sherg-ool Oorzhak's cabinet. Sholban Kara-ool, 40, new head of Tuva, would have 5 vice-prime-ministers, 4 out of which have been already approved of by the parliament. They are first vice-prime-minister Sholban Irgit, ex-head of the 'Uriankhay' meat-processing complex; Ivan Chuchev to supervise agricultural issues, Anatolii Damba-Khuurak to be occupied with the administrative reform, Vladimir Nedelin to manage energy and fuel supplies problems.

Among the new ministers are 'old' ones - Radislav Bayan (finances), Sagaan-ool Dolgar (ecology), Piotr Morozov (education), Alexandr Svintsov (construction) - who worked under Sherig-ool Oorzhak. Two are the new-comers from the city administration - Oleg Saaya (autoroads), vice-mayor, Vycheslav Dongak (culture and information politics), ex-head of the cultural department in the Kyzyl administration.

There is a fresh face in Kara-ool's team. It is Sergei Ten, 39, former businessman, of Korean origin, appointed minister for economics. He is reported to come from the Altai territory where he worked in Mihail Yevdokimov's team. Some people connect him to Sergei Pugachev, Russian oligarch, representing Tuva in the Council of Federation (higher chamber of the Russian Parliament).

Dina Oyun
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