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Tuva preparing for forthcoming public prayer about longevity of Dalai Lama

In early September a wide range of events will be held in Tuva to support the forthcoming public prayer about longevity of Dalai Lama, which Russian Buddhists plan to hold in Tibetan residence of their spiritual leader in Dharamshala in November.

As the official Web site of the Tuvan Government reported, sand mandalas of Medicine Buddha, who protects living beings from sickness, will be made in the republic as part of preparation for the forthcoming prayer. Some important Tantric rituals, where residents and guests of the republic will be able to take part, will be held in Tuva. The sand mandalas of Medicine Buddha will be built by monks of the Gyudmed Tibetan Tantric Monastery, who had been rendering assistance to Tuva in the revival of Buddhist traditions. The Gyudmed monks will hold the ceremony of the big praying drum, which they had built for donations last year.

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Putin Chose Tuva as a Holiday Place for his Honourable Guest

It was Tuva that was chosen by President Vladimir Putin  out of 88 Russian regions to host Monaco Prince Albert for a 3 days-holiday. Interesting to note that just before this high visit, on August 12, it rained heavily in Kyzyl, where the last 2 weeks the temperature stayed at +30-35 (Celsium). Kyzyl residents thought the rain a sign for the weather change but on the next morning the sky was again virgin blue and the temperature quickly recovered from +13 to its +30-34 (Celsium) and stayed like this during the whole visit. The airplane 'Russia' landed in Kyzyl airport at 10.05 a.m. August 13. The high guests were greeted by Sergei Shoigu, federal minister for emeregency situations, native of Tuva, and Sholban Kara-ool, head of the republic. Putin and Alber the Second several minutes after the arrival mounted a helicopter which was taking them from one beautiful place in Tuva to another.
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Dina Oyun

Putin Camping with Prince in Tuva

Putin and Prince Albert walking to their Lake Tere-Khol campsite Monday. Photo courtesy APPresident Vladimir Putin and Monaco's Prince Albert II traded opulent imperial settings in St. Petersburg for an 8th century fortress and a Mongolian nomadic tent in a southern Russian region Monday, as the Monegasque prince continued his vacation in Russia.

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The Associated Press/The Moscow Times

Putin and Monaco prince arrive in Tuva to look at ancient fortress

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert II of Monaco arriving at Kyzyl airport. Photo courtesy of Vesti news-channel.Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert II of Monaco have arrived at the Tuva republic. Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and head of the Tuva government Sholban Kara-ool were meeting them at Kyzyl airport. From the airport Putin and Albert II flew by helicopter to the Por-Bazhyn fortress.

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