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Alash Returns to a Warm Welcome in New York

Photo by Serena StuckeAlash started their tour with a very special concert on January 11, 2008. Teaming up with a classical string quartet from the Chamber Music Society (CMS) of Lincoln Center, they played music arranged especially for the occasion by Ayana Samiyaevna Mongush, director of the Tuvan National Orchestra. The brilliant blend of igil, kengirge, violin, viola, cello--and of course throat singing--awed the audience. The concert was part of the CMS Student Producers series of Unconventional Concerts produced by and presented for high school students.

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Jean Bubley

Andrey Mongush Becomes People's Khoomeizhi

Popular performer of the unofficial anthem of the republic, the song "Men tyva men" (I am a Tuvan), teacher and composer, soloist of the Tuvan Orchestra of National Instruments Andrey Mongush at the end of the last year was honored with a government award. He was bestowed the title "People's Khoomeizhi of the Republic of Tuva".

Andrey Mongush has been on the scene for 17 years now.

Besides performing and composing he is a teacher. He prepared and presented live three generations of folkloric associations of secondary school # 5 "Salgal" (Heritage).

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Ben Stevens
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