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Fair of Russian Products Opens

A fair of products made in Russian Republics of Khakassia and Tuva has opened in Ulaangom soum, Uvs aimag.

In the action an active part took 16 enterprisers and 90 businessmen. They showed their products and established contracts with the province's several organizations on supplying products and materials. It was done in accordance with the agreement concluded between the governments of the Republics and administration of the aimag.

A contract on cooperation has been signed by Nadezhda.Taryma, the head of Tuva's Agency of Economic Foreign Relations, and Tumat Chechek, the Deputy head of the Republic's south province--from the Tuva side, and by G.Bataa, secretary-general of the Western region from the province.

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Event announces

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2) 25.01.2020: Shagaa, new year according to Buddist calendar (Tuva)

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7) 09.05.2020: VICTORY DAY, 75th anniversary of Russian Army victory over fascism (Russia)

8) 11.05.2020: 102th anniversary of Richard Feynman, outstanding physicist, Nobel Prize winner (California-Tuva)

9) 19.05.2020: Museum workers' Day (Russia)

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