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» » Historical Film about Genghis Khan will be introduced in Mongolia in February, and in Buryatia in March
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«    Fabruary 2009    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Historical Film about Genghis Khan will be introduced in Mongolia in February, and in Buryatia in March

The premiere of the full-length, artistic film “Secret of Genghis Khan” (By the Will of Genghis Khan), produced in Yakutia, will take place in Ulan-Bator on February 19.

In Russia, the showing will be on March 12, 2009. In the capital of Buryatia, according to the numbers of tickets sold in each movie theatre where the premiere will be held, it should be a true Yakut diamond.

“What we want to say by this is that we are rich not just in diamonds, but also in traditions and culture,_ explained the producer of the film, general director of the company “Urgel B”, Vladimir Ivanov.

On the day of presentation of the film in early December in Moscow, Vladimir Ivanov gave diamonds to the first five representatives of the movie theatres in Ulan Ude, St.Peterburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Chita, where the film will premiere, to be given to the first visitors in their theatres.

Andrey Borisov, the director, artistic chairman of Yakut national drama theatre, and the minister of culture of Republic Sakha(Yakutia), put on film the novel of the national writer of Republic Sakha, Nikolai Luginov. The role of Genghis Khan as an adult is played by Merited Artist of Republic Tuva, Eduard Ondar.

-In the matter of film genre, it is similar to medieval epic poems about historical events, -

says Chingiz Badmayev, director of montage.

“This is the history of a man whose name is known to the whole world,- proclaim the advertisements of the film. – A warrior who took up arms to secure peace and security for his family, his people, his nation. The story of a great Khan, who united many tribes and nations under the flag of a single empire, under the rule of a single law. The ruler, whose empire extended from the Yellow Sea to the Mediterranean.”.

The producers of “Secret” had an opportunity to work several hundred of actors into the movie, typical representatives of the nations which were once united within Genghis Khan’s Empire.

Approximately 500 people acted in the film. For example, 50 Mongolian stunt riders participated in the filming of battle scenes, performing complicated horse-riding tricks. 300 soldiers of the regular Mongolian army, dressed in exact copies of armors and equipment of that period acted as Genghis Khan’s riders.

The movie was filmed in Yakutia, Mongolia, Buryatia and Tuva. Just like the nation depicted in the film used to travel from place to place, so the film crew traveled, searching for new places and impressions.

After information of Ekaterina Khyrtigeyeova, Nomer Odin (Number One), translated by Heda Jindrak
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