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» » More than 1000 items of the Rushev family filled the museum collections in Tuva
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«    Fabruary 2010    »
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More than 1000 items of the Rushev family filled the museum collections in Tuva

1206 items of Nikolai Konstantinovich and Nadia Rushevs, were given to the National Museum of Republic Tuva.

100 of Nadia’s drawings, more than 200 of Nikolai Rushev’s paintings, photograph albums, booklets, posters, and also pins, which Nadia Rusheva used to collect as a schoolgirl, were donated to the museum by the young artist’s mother, the first ballerina of Tuva, Natalia Azhikmaa-Rusheva.

“All this is for my native Tuva, a gift to my beloved nation”

She incubated the idea of donating the personal archive to the Tuvan museum for many years after the death of her daughter and husband.

Natalia Doidalovna became the main keeper of their artistic inheritance.

“I have been writing to the government, to the ministry, and to the museum since 2004, that I would like to donate our family archive to the republic, but I never got an answer,- says Natalia Doidalovna. – Las year I took up the matter again. In October, the director of the museum, Viktor Sergeyevich Chigzhit came to Moscow. And we decided about everything – the archive will be kept in my native country in the museum. It is good now – this new, spacious stone building. My heart does not have to hurt with the thought that the collection can go up in flames at any moment.”

During the last few months, including the New Year holidays, the family archive was catalogued with the help of Roza Sashnikova, a representative of Tuvan administration, and now the massive boxes arrived to Tuva.

Beside the items from the family archive that were officially donated to the collections, Natalia Doidalovna also sent to the republic a selection of journals “Veseliye kartinki” (Cheerful pictures), with Nadia Rusheva’s personal notes and drawings in the margins.

In Kyzyl, the decision was made that this will be kept as a cache of prizes for awards to the winners of the many children’s contests, which the Museum of Nadia Rusheva organizes.

Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak
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