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» » Expedition of Russian Geographic Society is studying Mongun-Taiga
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Expedition of Russian Geographic Society is studying Mongun-Taiga

Expedition of Russian Geographic Society is studying Mongun-TaigaAn expedition of Russian Geographic Society is currently working in Southwestter Tuva, headed by Mikhail Amosov, a Docent of the section of  physical geography and landscape planning of the department of geography and geo-ecology of LGU.  The expedition is conducting a complex study of the Mongun-taiga district.  The expedition is composed of three teams - glaceological (study of natural glaciation systems), hydrological and  landscape-studying. The teams are based in Eastern Mugur in Tolaity. “There was an immense ancient glaciation, - says Mikhail Amosov. - Tolaity valley is a classical example of such a landscape. You can see very easily how the glacier retreated, how the lakes were formed. The marshy meadows are very interesting in terms of the interplay between the soil and the vegetation.”

The scientist noted that three students from Tuvan State University are working in the expedition. “It is a very serious moment of  getting the local specialists interested. These kids will have a lot of information about carrying out this type of research. They will grow here, work more, and such an experience will be very useful to them.”

A contour  map of the area of study will be made based on the results of this work.

Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak
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