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» » A convention of the peoples of the republic will take place in Tuva
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A convention of the peoples of the republic will take place in Tuva

A convention of the peoples of the republic will take place in TuvaMatters of fortifying inter-ethnic agreement are to be evaluated at the Convention of the peoples of Tuva, which will start work in Kyzyl on 10 December. It is expected that about 300 delegates from various districts and cities of the republic, representing different ethnic groups living in Tuva, will take part in the international forum. According to data from the 2002 census, the population of this region includes more than 30 ethnic groups.

The proposal for calling this convention was first offered at the meeting of national diasporas  in February of this year. The Office of the Chairman of the Government performed most of the preparatory work.

Before this convention, preliminary conferences took place in Kyzyl, which selected the delegates for the convention.

According to information from the organizing committee, beside the most numerous Tuvan and Russian ethnic components of the population, all the ethnic diasporas living in the republic will send their delegates to the forum - Azerbaijan, Armenian, Georgian(Gruzia), Kirgiz, Korean, Mongolian, German, as well as populations of Khakass, Buryat, Yakut and other peoples of Russia. National minorities are also invited to the convention, represented, specifically, by Tofalar and US immigrants.

The intention of the organizers is to evaluate such matters of relevance to the country and region, as counteraction to extremism, which is undermining the “ethno political and ethno cultural safety”, the role of organs of state administration, local administrations, religious and civil institutions in “optimization of inter-peoples relationships and prevention of inter-ethnic tension, and in dissemination of ideas of tolerance and principles of inter-cultural interaction”.

The convention of the peoples of Tuva will open in the main hall of the House of National Creativity in Kyzyl, 10 December at 10 AM.

Info from government press-service translated by Heda Jindrak
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