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» » Center of Tuvan-Japanese friendship "Kargyraa" received legal registration
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Center of Tuvan-Japanese friendship "Kargyraa" received legal registration

Center of Tuvan-Japanese friendship "Kargyraa" received legal registrationThe administration of Ministry of Justice of Russian federation for Republic Tyva registered an new regional public organization - center of Tuvan-Japanese friendship "Kargyraa".

First, the center is planning to organize courses of study of the Japanese language for everyone who wants them. This was announced by the founder of  the center, famous musical producer Otkun Dostai. In his words, lately many people in Tuva expressed interest in learning Japanese.

This is what led up to the founding of the center:

Already last year, Otkun's old friend, famous Japanese musician Koichi Makigami founded a Japanese-Tuvan khoomeizhi association  in Atami in the Shizuoka prefecture, founded an association "Khoomei", of which he is the president. Koichi is a great fan and supporter of Tuvan throat singing, which he popularized in the country of the Rising Sun. it is thanks to his enthusiasm that the Japanese learned about Tuvan musical culture.

He ardently supported the idea of founding a Tuvan-Japanese association, and prepared all the necessary documents from his side.  The main goals of the center are popularization of Tuvan throat-singing, which is now used all over the world. In the words of Otkun Dostai, Japanese musicians will teach Tuvan kids the art of drumming.

The plans also include exchange of experience in other fields: medicine, sport and so on.

The possibilities are infinite.

Alexander Filatenko, "Tuvinskaya Pravda", translated by Heda Jindrak
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