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» » In Tuva, "Kreshchenie" baths took place in -45 degree of cold
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In Tuva, "Kreshchenie" baths took place in -45 degree of cold

In Tuva, "Kreshchenie" baths took place in -45 degree of coldToday the Russian Orthodox Christians observe a great church holy day -  "Kreshchenie Gospodne" (The Baptism of the Lord). In Kyzyl, on the night from 18 to 19 January, the "kreshchenie' baths were organized in the park by the Yenisei river, and in a suburban town Serebryanka. Without regard for the -45 degree cold, about 1000 people participated in the holiday, which consists in consecration of the water and immersion in an ice hole. At 12 o'clock at night, together with the city residents,  the members of the government with Premier Sholban Kara-ool at the head, Pavel Bukhtoyarov-the procurator, and many others participated as the good tradition asks.

This is the fourth year that the "Kreshchenie" bathing takes place in well organized places with the ceremony of consecration of the water by the spiritual leader of the Holy Trinity church of Kyzyl, Father Vyacheslav. In the words of participants in these ritual bathings, the organization of the conditions for the people improves every year. This time, two large heated tents for changing were set up right next to the ice hole, as well as a field kitchen serving hot tea. The police were on duty, health workers, and Emergency rescue. However, none of the bathers, including the smallest children, needed help. For example, 34-year-old Andrei Koltsov threw himself into the water with his 8-year-old son. The little boy started crying, but his father believes that this will just "fortify the kid's spiritual and physical health". Premier Sholban Kara-ool, immersing himself in the freezing waters of the Yenisei, shared with the journalists that bathing at "Kreshchenie" is a special condition, and that it, certainly adds an incomparable charge of good spirits.

"The work load is heavy, a hard schedule from morning to night. The bathing lets one charge up and keep in shape. Many of my colleagues are of the same opinion. The 'Kreshchenie" bathing has become a special ritual for the members of the government and for many leaders of territorial organs of  local administration of the federal organs. For example, we always see the procurator of Tuva, Pavel Valerievich. On this day, the water purifies and adds spiritual strength, I can sense it," - remarked the Premier Sholban Kara-ool.

The head of the republic also assured us, that the activities of organization the church holy day - "Kreshchenie Gospodne" will always be supported by the authorities. This, in his opinion, is indispensable for securing the maximum comfort for the people and their safety during bathing as well as to raise respect and love for Orthodox traditions.

In Tuva, "Kreshchenie" baths took place in -45 degree of coldTogether with the Premier, the vice-premier Anatoly Damba-Khuurak, the first vice-leader of the Office and Apparatus of the government Yuriy Ananin, the head of the State commission for hunting and fishing Alexander Novikov, leader of state commission of forest husbandry Vadim Kyzyl-ool, director of GO agency and ChS Nikolai Mongush and others bathed in the ice hole. This was the first time that the permanent organizer of the Festival of live music and faith "Ustuu-Khuree" Igor Dulush joined the Orthodox celebration activities at the stream not far from the Buddhist temple.

The "Kreshchenie" bathing was continued in the park with the participation of the clergy., translated by Heda Jindrak
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