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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Buddhists of Tuva are praying for the people of Japan

Buddhists of Tuva are praying for the people of JapanThe Supreme Lama (Kamby-lama) of Tuva, Tenzin Tsultim  called on Tuvan Buddhists to "pray for those who died" in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan", and to "wish them a good reincarnation, and speedy recovery to the country".

"Our hearts are filled with pain and compassion, and we are thinking about distant Japan every second",   the spiritual leader's statement, posted on the official site of Buddhists of Tuva,  reads.

"At this tragic time, the entire Tuvan nation will constantly pray for the brotherly nation of Japan", - emphasizes the Kamby-Lama.

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Translated by Heda Jindrak

Snow leopard population in Tuva is growing

The condition of the snow leopard population in the south part of Shapshal ridge and on the Tsagaan-Shibetu ridge in Tuva is favorable, but the main menace to the irbis still comes from poachers.

That is the conclusion reached by the experts of the expedition which took place with the support of the Altai-Sayan section of WWF after calculation of the numbers of snow leopard and mountain goat. The participants in the project, which ended on March 6, were workers of the "Ubsunur depression" preserve and inspectors from State Committee of Republic Tuva  for Hunting and Fishing.

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AIS, translated by Heda Jindrak

Birthday greetings to Sainkhoo Namchylak!

Today is the birthday of the star of world ethnic music -  one of the most internationally famous Tuvan women - talented, inimitable Sainkhoo Namchylak. Lyudmila Okan-oolovna Namchylak - that is the singer's real name - started her life in a small Tuvan village in a family of schoolteachers in 1957. Her parents loved music very much, and played musical instruments when they were young. Her father had a pleasant baritone, and he often performed with musicians - amateurs in concerts in Tuva. Later the family moved to Kyzyl,, because the head of the family received a new position, and became apolitical supervisor of TASS in Tuvan television. On Sundays, he liked to teach his daughter to sing and dance. Her father also often read poems and verse to his wife and daughters. On one of such evenings, on the holiday of March 8, he dedicated a poem to his wife and to Sainkhoo, with many words which were incomprehensible to the little girl. She looked out the window, where a bridge was lit by yellow beads of street lamps, and thought: "When I grow up like Papa, I will leave over this bridge and go far away, and I will also read my poems."

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Chimiza Lamajaa, translated by Heda Jindrak

Dalai Lama is ready to leave his post as the head of Tibetan government in exile

Dalai-Lama the 14th today announced his decision to officially resign from his political post as the head of Tibetan  government in exile. He explained that he is making this decision because "in long-term perspective, it will be good for the Tibetans".   "Since the 1960's, I have always emphasized the necessity of finding a leader, freely chosen by the people of Tibet, to whom I could transfer the political authority, - The Dalai-Lama said in an announcement at Dharamsala (Indian state Himal-Pradesh). - The time has come to bring this into practice."
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The Head of Tuva and Speaker of the Parliament present holiday greetings to women

The Head of Tuva and Speaker of the Parliament present holiday greetings to womenThe Head of Tuva and Speaker of the Parliament presented greetings to women for the holiday of  March 8 (International Women's Day).

"In the name of all men of the republic, I present greetings to all of you with the International Women's day!  On this spring holiday, we bring words of sincere recognition, love and respect to the better half of humanity - to our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Everything dearest to us is connected with the name of Woman, and Her eternal striving towards peace and goodness, - states the greeting.

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Information from the press-service of the government and the parliament, translated by Heda Jindrak

The main researcher of khoomei, ethnomusicologist Zoya Kyrgys receives birthday greetings

The main researcher of khoomei, ethnomusicologist Zoya Kyrgys receives birthday greetingsToday,  Doctor of culturology, one of the chief researchers of the unique art of throat-singing, Zoya Kyrgysovna Kyrgys, is receiving birthday greetings. The founder and permanent head of the International  scientific Center "Khoomei", she dedicated the major part of her life to the study of Tuvan throat-singing.  Her monograph "Tuvan throat-singing" is also dedicated to this vocal phenomenon of Central Asian nomads; it is the final result of  25years of work, many field expeditions, as well as experiments in laboratories of Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, and New York.

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translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuva will hold the first "Tevek " championship on the Maslenitsa (carnival)

On March 6, the Maslenitsa festivities will take place in the national park with all the necessary  attributes of  seeing off the Winter:  Russian folk games and contests, including a competition in the fastest eating of pancakes. There will be a pillar with a prize all the way on the top, and the burning of Maslenitsa effigy. The example of  last year, when the Maslenitsa and Shagaa (Lunar new Year) fell to the same date and a competition in "tevek" was held,  turned out to be infectious. It was decided to continue the tradition this year. Only the status of the competition will be designated as "Championship" in "tevek" - the first in history.

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Info from Aldynai Salchak translated by Heda Jindrak
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1) TODAY: the 15th Lunar day of the Holy buddist Month Saka Dava (it starts on the 23th of May, end on the 21th of June), during which good deeds are multiplied. (Tuva, Buryatia, Kalmykia)

2) TOMORROW: Pushkin Day, the Day of Russian language (Russia)

3) 12.06.2020: Day of Russia (Russia)

4) 14.06.2020: Birthday of Kind Hearts of Tuva's leader Artysh Mongush (Tuva)

5) 06.07.2020: Birthday of Dalai-Lama the 16th

6) 18.07.2020: Birthday of the Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool (Tuva)

7) 15.08.2020: Day of the Tuva Republic (Tuva)

8) 15.08.2020: 19th anniversary of Tuva-Online News Agency (Tuva)

9) 17.08.2020: Day of Khoomey (Tuva)

10) 01.09.2020: Day of historical memory and dignity of Tuvan volunteers perished in the World War 2, fighting together with the Soviet Union against fascism (Tuva)

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