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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

One hour ahead - for the last time

One hour ahead - for the last timeDuring the night of 27 March, Russians will move the hands of  their clocks one hour ahead  - to the "summer" time for the last time. Rosstandart informed ITAR-TASS that " in correspondence with the  order of reckoning time, as decided by the government of RF, on 27 March 2011  the "summer" time period will begin on Russian territory." The hands of all clocks on the entire territory of the country will be moved one hour ahead at 2:00 AM on 27 March. The time change will be performed for the last time, according to the decision of President of Russia Dmitri Medvedev. The head of the government announced this on  8 February 2011.

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Rosbalt.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak

Kongar-ool Ondar has a son

Kongar-ool Ondar has a sonToday at 6 AM, Tuvan throat-singer Kongar-ool Ondar's son was born. The famous khoomeizhi received the  joyful news in Moscow, where he was on a business trip. He had already made a decision to name his third son in honor of his father Saiyn-ool. Remember that yesterday Kongar-ool Ondar  participated in a conference of  Dmitry Medvedev with arts activists, where he successfully  brought the fate of an astonishing phenomenon - Tuvan throat-singing - to the President's attention.  Khoomei is super-popular in the West, therefore after the news about the President's meeting, and performance of throat-singing there hit the media, the throat-singer was swamped with numerous phone-calls not just from  Russian journalists, but from foreign ones as well.  "Even the head of the American association "Friends of Tuva in America" , Ralf Leighton, called to say great, now such pearls as throat-singing are beginning to be appreciated even in Russia, not just abroad!" - said Kongar-ool Ondar on the phone.
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Info from government press-service translated by Heda Jindrak

Medvedev will invite Obama to listen to Tuvan throat-singing

Medvedev will invite Obama to listen to Tuvan throat-singingRussian president Dmitri Medvedev intends to invite  president of  the USA Barack Obama to listen to world-famous Tuvan throat-singing. That is a promise that the head of the government made to a Tuvan musician during his conference with culture workers in Moscow.

Kongar-ool Ondar complained to Medvedev that China and Mongolia often say that throat-singing is an ancient art of their nomads. "But after all, it is our way of singing, we have the patent," - said the musician.

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Vesti.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuva is considering a new national anthem

Tuva is considering a new national anthemIt is quite possible that the 90th anniversary of the founding of Tuvan people's Republic will be welcomed with a new national anthem. The necessity of composing a new chief song of the republic, with words and music that would correspond to contemporary realities was discussed at a common conference of the Soviets of the Government and the Supreme Khural, which took place on 21 March.

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Info from press-service of Government of RT translated by Heda Jindrak

A lynx attacked a sheep barn in Tuva. 76 sheep perished

A lynx attacked a sheep barn in Tuva. 76 sheep perished76 sheep, 5 lambs, and one calf perished as a result of an attack on a sheepherding station of Oyun-ool Mongush in Duvuren of Sailyg sumon of the Chedi-Khol kozhuun. According to information from the Hunting and fishing commission of Tuva, predators invaded the koshara (shee barn) through the upper ventilation opening. The livestock died, mostly, as a result of  pressure-suffocation from fright.
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Info from the government press-service translated by Heda Jindrak

Producers of the film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" are being sued for 17 million rubles

Producers of  the film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" are being sued for 17 million rublesThe feature film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" was released to the movie screens of this country in 2009. It took several years to make yet another epos about the great conqueror, kilometers of film and almost 10 million dollars. At the premiere everybody applauded the film crew and the director  Andrei Borisov,  who is also the minister of culture of Yakutia.

It almost seemed that the Yakut film  will conquer the entire planet, and will get the well-deserved awards… The blow came from an unexpected direction: the sponsors, because the Yakut film was filmed for more than the budget money, demanded return of the money. It was explained that they supplied the money in advance, and that the film did not justify their expectations.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda, translated by Heda Jindrak

In Tuva at the new ethno-cultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak" there will be khoomei worship

In Tuva at the new ethno-cultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak" there will be khoomei worship45 kilometers from Kyzyl in the west direction of Kyzyl-Shagonar highway by the Ulug-Khem river at the place "Balyktyg-Kharaar", there has been constructed an ethno-cultural complex  "Aldyn-Bulak" .  Yesterday, the official presentation of the complex took place; it is expected to become one of the strategic objects of tourism business, as well as to make a substantial contribution into the piggy-bank of tourist attractiveness of Tuva.   More than 30 million rubles has been allocated for its  construction out of the republic's budget. The finished ethno-cultural complex has become the last note of the Year of Tourism.
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Tuvan Government, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuvan "Dead sea" will receive special status

Tuvan "Dead sea" will receive special statusOne of the few Russian analogs of the Dead Sea - Tuvan lake Dus-Khol will this year officially receive the status of a therapeutic - recreational location of regional significance. The government of the republic set a task for the appropriate agencies at a conference on 16 March, to prepare all the necessary documents  for securing this legal status. The new status will obligate the organs of administration  on all levels to provide more effective security and rational utilization of this unique lake, which has long been known all over the country for its therapeutic properties.

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Information from press-service, translated by Heda Jindrak

South Korean film crew surprised by great numbers of smokers

South Korean film crew surprised by great numbers of smokersAt Tuvan State University, a final meeting of Tuvan scholars  with representatives of South Korean educational canal EBC ltd. Production Purme took place. At this meeting, the guests shared their impressions of Tuva after a two-week stay in the republic. Remember that the guests arrived to the republic at the end of February to film a fifty-minute documentary film about Tuvan culture, shamanism and way of life.

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Roxana Pyuryuna, translated by Heda Jindrak

Origin of the name of "Ergaki" Nature Park

Origin of the name of "Ergaki" Nature Park The ridges of the Sayans can be translated into Russian as "million of ridges", and that is how I remembered the name of these mountains. In the grey times of long ago, a great catastrophe took place in the Sayan mountains, as they say.  When a terrible hurricane flew in from the direction of the Black Heaven, people and animals who lived in the region left those places, as they say. Places where berries grew were all destroyed, and mighty trees fell uprooted.

One shaman of heavenly origin conducted a ritual to stop the blows of the terrible hurricane, as they say. But suddenly a powerful  gust of the wind tore out the drumstick-paddle from the shaman's right hand.

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Mongush Borakhovich Kenin-Lopsan, translated by Heda Jindrak
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