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» » Tuvan yak breeding farm won Grand Prix of "Nomads of the North" festival
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«    May 2011    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan yak breeding farm won Grand Prix of "Nomads of the North" festival

Tuvan yak breeding farm won Grand Prix of  "Nomads of the North" festivalCollective of State Unitary Enterprise (GUP) "Mogen-Buren" of  Mongun-Taiga kozhuun  won the Grand Prix of  a song and dance festival "Nomads of the North-2011", which took place during and expo-fair "Treasures of the North 2011" on 27 April - 1 May at Pan-Russia expo center in Moscow. And that is not  the only prize that the Tuvan delegation won at this forum of the best creative work of the minority indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East. Tuva was represented by residents of two districts: Mongun-Taiga ( GUP "Mogen-Buren", leader Oshku-Saar Oorzhak) and Todzha (association "Tos-Chadyr", leader Svetlana Demkina).

Several communities are united in "Tos-Chadyr" -  "Khamsara - Aldyn IVI", "Ulug-Dag", and "Bash-Khem". The Expo-Fair "Treasures of the North" has become an annual iconic event in the field of development of  folk artistic domestic crafts of the minority indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East of RF. It facilitates preservation and  development of their unique cultures, and positions the production of the communities of the indigenous minorities on the Moscow market. The work of the Expo-Fair takes the form of exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, creative contests tasting of national cuisines,  show-parades and much more.

As a result of this forum, a whole collection of awards went to Tuva. The Todzhans Eduard Lopaa and Vyacheslav Gorzhu shared the victory in the contest of "The best master of decorative-applied art". They also became the laureates of the "Best execution of national art".

The Mongun-Taiga group became the laureate of the first level of the "Ethnic cuisine" contest, and its leader  Oshku-Saar Oorzhak received the gold medal for her active participation in the sixth expo-fair "Treasures of the North 2011".

GUP "Mogen-Buren", beside the Grand Prix of the festival "Nomads of the North" also received a diploma of the winner in the category "My house", and also for the participation and organization of the delegation of the minority indigenous people of the North, for participation in the parade of national traditional clothing and contemporary clothing with technological elements. The administration of the Mongun-Taiga district was recognized by a diploma for organization and participation of the delegation of the minority indigenous peoples of the North.

The Tuvan delegation received help from the Representative plenipotentiary of Tuva in Moscow.

Chimiza Lamajaa, Ayana Dambieva,, translated by Heda Jindrak
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