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» » Putin celebrates his 67th birthday in Tuvan taiga
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Putin celebrates his 67th birthday in Tuvan taiga

Putin celebrates his 67th birthday in Tuvan taigaRussian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67th birthday today with friends and close associates in nature and outdoors in the Siberian forest and mountains near the Yenisei River.

Putin celebrates his 67th birthday in Tuvan taigaThe Associated Press released a video of Putin walking down a cliff in the Tuva region on the border with Mongolia and stopping a little to look at the river and the surrounding mountains.

Putin celebrates his 67th birthday in Tuvan taigaPutin has visited the natural areas, several times before in the past few years, was seen wandering between the mountains and fishing fish and swimming in the rivers and lakes there.

Putin's spokesman said the Russian president was celebrating his birthday in southern Siberia with relatives and close friends, including Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who were seen together as Putin picked mushrooms.

Associated Press
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