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Andrei Khertek City Day Khuresh Winner

A khuresh wrestling tournament among 64 young wrestlers, aged from 16 to 28, devoted to City Day was held in the stadium in the capital city of Tuva, Kyzyl. Khuresh wrestler Andrei Khertek from Sut-Khol district defeated today Angyr Kuular from Oviur in the final . The third place went to Ai-Demir Mongush, nephew of the famous wrestler Ayas Mongush. Naiyr Konga came in fourth.
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Dina Oyun

City Day Celebrations in Kyzyl

City Day celebrations opened today in Kyzyl, complete with horse-races in a repaired and restored hippodrome. The hippodrome was a favorite place for Kyzyl residents to visit in the seventies and eighties of the last century. During the period of perestroika it was left abandoned and was almost ruined.
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Dina Oyun

Summer Expedition of 'On Chingis-Khaan's Will' Film Over in Tuva

On Chingiskhaan's Will A film crew headed by Andrei Borisov, famous Yakut theatre director and culture minister in the Yakut government, has finished its work in Tuva. For over a month it filmed battle scenes for the film 'On Chingis-Khaan's Will' in which Tuvan actor Eduard Ondar plays the main role.

He was chosen out of a dozen of other actors to interpret the image of the legendary Mongol warrior.

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Dina Oyun

Two People Killed in Slot-Machine House

Two people were killed following an attack on a slot-machine pavillion in Kyzyl. The bloody body of a security guard was noticed early in the morning of September 4 by a car-driver who reported it to the police station. Militia arrived and found the corpse of Elika Oorzhak, 21, slot-machine operator, with numerous cuts on the face and body, supposedly left from an axe. Guardian Eduard Nursat was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he died afterwards.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Wrestler Bronze Medal Winner in European Sumo Championship

Kan-Demir Kuular on the 3d place. Europe Sumo Championship. Courtesy of Uwe Paelser, Riesa Kan-Demir Kuular, famous Tuvan wrestler and Russian sumo champion in 2006 (under 85 kg), has come third in the European Sumo Championship, which has just finished in Riesa, Germany. Another Tuvan, Adar Kuular, was a championship referee.

In the present championship, already Riesa’s 4th European Sumo-Wrestling Championship, a total of 110 athletes from 15 European nations have taken part, 69 men and 41 women. The dominating wrestlers were, as usual, from the Russian Federation, whose athletes, especially their women, have garnered most of the medals.

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Juergen Boden

United Russia Party Uses Administrative Pressure to Remove its Main Rival in the Parliamentary Election Campaign in Tuva

Orlan Sotpa, chief executive of the Tuvan regional department of the Russian Life Party, has applied today to Tuvan Prosecutor's Office. In his statement he claims that huge alexistrative pressure was exercised from the part of state and municipal officials over Life party members in order to make the latter quit the Life party. The Life Party is considered to be the main rival of the United Russia Party (Yedinaya Rossia)--the 'party of power' in the coming parliamentary elections in Tuva and so the pressure was to force the Life party into not participating in the elections.
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Marina Chanzan, Dina Oyun

Over 60,000 Tuvan Schoolchildren Start New Academic Year

First ever school year. Photo from Kyzyl site Knowledge Day is celebrated today all over Russia. A new academic year has begun today in 176 Tuvan schools with the first bell ring. Over 60,000 children (one fifth of Tuva's population) have come to study, 14,700 out of which are in Kyzyl. One thousand four hundred and twenty Kyzyl children have had their first ever lesson today.

A new school year start in Tuva was in question up to the last moment.

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Dina Oyun, Marina Chanzan
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