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Sainkho to Perform in Moscow

World renowned Tuvan singer Sainkho Namchylak is performing today in Moscow. She will give a concert in the cultural centre 'Dom', founded by her friend Nikolai Dmitriev. Her performance will be part of the festival 'Long Arms-3', devoted to Nikolai Dmitriev's memory.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Shaman Invited to Germany to Illustrate Photo Exhibition on Shamanism

Tuvan shaman of 'Dungur' society Laso Mongush is coming tomorrow to Freiburg (Germany) to perform a shamanic ritual in the Adelhausermuseum for Nature and Folk Art. He will also give a lecture on the traditional way of delivery by Tuvan women.
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Dina Oyun

One and a Half Year-Old Daughter Abandoned by Mother at Bus Terminal in Tuva

A mother abandoned her one and a half year-old daughter in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. A woman with child in hand appealed to Kyzyl police, as State TV and Radio Company "Tyva" reports. According to the Kyzyl resident, an unknown woman came up to her near the city bus terminal and asked to look after her daughter for a moment. When no one returned to take the child back, the woman reported to the police.
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Prayer Drum Installed and Sanctified in Kyzyl

Sanctification of the prayer drum in Kyzyl. Photo by Igor Yancheglov The first Buddhist prayer drum has been installed and sanctified on Arat Square in Kyzyl. The drum faces the buildings of the Government, Parliament of Tuva, and Drama Theatre surrounding the central square.

Tibetan monks from two monasteries and local lamas have taken part in it. The copper body of the prayer drum was filled with the mantra "Om mani padme hum" in SansKrit and Tibetan.

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Julia Zhironkina, Dina Oyun

Supreme Court of Russia Restored Life Party Election Registration Cancelled by Tuvan Court

Photo by RIA Novosti Today the Supreme Court of Russia annulled a Tuvan Court decision taken September 5, cancelling election registration of the Life party candidates list. Among those who found the Tuvan Court decision illegal were Prosecutor General Office, Central Election Commission of Russia, Election Commission of Tuva, Tuvan Department of Life party. The only one backing it was United Russia in Tuva.
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Dina Oyun

Liberal Democrats Leader Visited Tuva

Vladimir Zhirinovki. Fhoto from One of the most scandalous Russian politicians, Liberal Democrats leader Vladimir Zhirinovski made a three-hour-long visit to Tuva on Sunday, September 24.

He was met in the airport by a Tuvan representative executive power team - Vice-Prime-Ministers Alexandr Brokert, Sergei Barybin; Minister of Economics Galina Balakina, Internal Affairs Minister Viktor Lesnyak, Culture Minister Zoya Samdan, and Kyzyl mayor Dmitri Dongak.

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Dina Oyun

American Tour of Legendary Yat-Kha Goes on

Tuvan Yat-Kha goes on touring USA. Yesterday it gave a concert at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. On the eve of the event The Boston Globe publishes an article on Albert Kuvezin's Tuvan rock.
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The Boston Globe

Gay Community in Kyzyl Redesigned its Site

A message left today in Tuva-Online guestbook signed Nikolay Bodrov reports on a new design for the Tuvan Gay Community Site. A year ago, for the first time in Tuvan history, someone let the public at large know of its existence with an announcement in the Tuva-Online guestbook. The effect was Earth shatteringly controversial. The posting declared publicly that there are gays in Tuva, and they are even divided into different interest groups.
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Dina Oyun

Exhibition of Unique Finds from Scythian Burial Mounds to Open in Germany in July 2007

Finds from Arzhaan-2. Tuva An exhibition of unique finds from Scythian burial mounds is to open in Berlin on July 6, 2007, Dr Manfred Nawroth from the Museum of Pre and Early history reported to Tuva-Online.


'Under the Sign of the Golden Griffin-The Royal Tombs of the Scythians' is a title of an exposition initiated by the German Archaeological Institute, the Museum of Pre and Early History of the State Museums in Berlin, and the Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage.

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Dina Oyun

Trauma Causes Russia's Champion Tuvan Wrestler to Not Participate in World Championship

Lorisa Oorzhak, Tuva The World Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Women's Wrestling Championship is to take place in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, on September 25-30. Tuvan female wrestler Lorisa Oorzhak will not be able to participate there due to an injury, as IA Tuva Online reported.

Russia will be represented in the weight category of 48 kg by Inga Karamchakova (Khakassia), Alexandr Zverkov, the women's wrestling department chief of the Wrestling Federation reported.

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