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Shagaa Expected in Tuva

alt The new year is to come to Tuva tomorrow at dawn. Since 1991 Shagaa (movable according to the Lunar Calendar) and the Day of the Republic (August, 15) have been celebrated officially after decades of oblivion. The date is calculated by lamas, the exact Shagaa time is defined from a person's palm. As soon as the palm lines are visible the new year is considered to have come. This year it is the Red Pig awaited.

Night preachings take place in all the lamaseries of the republic and in the Drama theatre as well. People try to fight the sleep as it is a general belief that one of the Deities during the night on the Shagaa's eve counts the souls. If you are asleep you won't be counted and will be devoid of a large portion of happiness.

At dawn shamans hold a San salyry ritual by the Yenissey river. During the daytime street performances, sports events, games and funs will take place on the main square of the city.

Shagaa calls on people to drop in at each other's place more often, to wish happiness and health and to turn to their ancestors' wisdom: may your thoughts be clean and your future bright.

Dina Oyun, Sayana Mongush
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