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» » Tuvan Actor is a Candidate for the Title “Siberian of the Year”
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«    March 2009    »
электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan Actor is a Candidate for the Title “Siberian of the Year”

Tuvan actor Eduard Ondar, who plays the title role in the film “Secret of Genghis Khan”, the premiere of which successfully transpired in many regions of Russia, was nominated as a candidate for the title of “Siberian of the Year”. Altogether 32 candidates for this title were nominated by the internet portals of various regions of Siberia. After internet voting, which will take place on the site during the seven work days and two non-working days – from March 31 to April 8, seven Siberians with the greatest number of votes will receive the honorary title “Siberian – 2008”.

Albert Kuvezhin, musician, singer, poet, leader of Tuvan ethno-rock group Yat-Kha,

the winner of many European musical awards and one of the winners of the voting for “Siberian-2005”, will take the role of an independent expert.

Albert now lives in his native Kyzyl. He is working on many projects, including

the finalizing of his solo album, recorded on the island Jura in Scotland, he has his own program on FM-Radio “Voice of Asia”, and works with the Tuvan state symphonic orchestra.

The main goal of the project “Siberian of the Year” is to tell the wide public about remarkable people who are our contemporaries. The project is completely non-commercial, all the activities are done on voluntary basis.

There are no pre-requisites for entering this contest, in the first place– there is only the name of the entrant and the reason for his nomination. Any person can be nominated and win, from any social status, from any region of Russia, citizen of any country in the world. The most important thing is that the activities of the candidates during 2008 should maximally reflect the values of the project - For the good of Siberia, for the glory of Siberia!


Scientists and inventors

Galina Afanasyeva-Medvedeva (Irkutsk) – author of the dictionary “Govori russkikh storozhilov Baikalskoy Sibiri” (Russian dialects of Baikal Siberia).

Nikolai Pokhilenko – the holder of the “Diamond Oscar”, the Hugo Dammett Diamond Award for outstanding contribution in utilization of diamond deposit layers. He is a scientist-geologist from Novosibirsk , a corresponding member of RAN (Russian Academy of Sciences).

Yevgeniy Bugrov from Tyumen, an inventor, who received a gold medal in Geneva in 2008 for his “flying saucer”, an author of a project of a new type of motor and electrostation based on cold plasma.

Vyacheslav Verevochkin, a military technology constructor from Novosibirsk , a “Siberian Kulibin”, inhabitant of the town Bolshoy Oyesh in Kolyvansky district (Novosibirsk region). With his own hands, he makes exact replicas of tanks (all of them functional, shooting little pieces of wood), made a big holiday for the people, and gave them rides on a “German” tank.

As is traditional, not a few cultural workers are among the candidates:

Anatoliy Movlyan, artist, opened a school of portraiture in Omsk, the only one of its kind in Siberia, and possibly in Russia.

Eduard Ondar, Tuva, theatre and cinema actor, who played the title role in “Secret of Genghis Khan”, and

Andrey Borisov, from Yakutia, the director of the film.

Krysztof Zanussi, Polish cinema and theatre director. In 2008 he produced a play “Duet” in Novosibirsk.

Dashi Namdakov, a Buryat master, nominated for an Oscar last year, holder of the award of the American national union of film critics for the “Best foreign language film of the year”, laureate of the Nike Award, all for his work in the film “Mongol”.

Petr Anofrikov from the Academic Town of Novosibirsk, who, since 2004, produces the festival of children’s animated films, “Fire-Bird” which became all-Russian in 2008.

Two journalists are among the nominees -

Elena Ulyanova, director of GTRK-Tomsk, for the realization of the TV project “Become the Family of the Year in the Year of the Family”.

Elena Veselkova – one of the founders of the school of internet-journalism in Irkutsk , died tragically as a result of a motor vehicle accident last year.

Egor Letov (Omsk), “the most genuine of all the famous rock-musicians of Russia”, whose death in 2008, in the opinion of experts, marked the boundary, in the rock music of this country, between Time and Timelessness.

For the first time, someone was nominated for a story written almost a quarter of a century ago - Viktor Astafyev (1924-2001), is a writer-war veteran, whose story “Hunting gudgeon in Georgia”, became in the opinion of experts the most relevant literary work of 2008.

Also for the first time, but already a part of history, the title of “Miss World” was won by a Siberian - Ksenia Sukhinova, a beauty from Nizhnevartovsk , a student of one of the universities of Tyumen.

In the final summary of 2008, only one representative of government made it to the list.

Petr Pimashkov, who became the mayor for the fourth time, the author of the best city-building project in Siberia, “ Fountains of Krasnoyarsk”.

On the list of nominees is also -

Dasha Varfolomeyeva, a 9-year-old girl from Buryatia.

The girl made a phone call to Putin, asked for a miracle, then stayed as a guest of the magician in Kremlin. Everybody envied her, but now they have forgotten. With the crisis, nobody is in the mood for miracles. The experts remind us – it is not because of Putin, it is thanks to Dasha, that the government promised to build a school and many other things in the settlement of Tugnui in Mukhorshibirski district.

Another 9-year-old girl , Dasha Rodionova, from science-town Koltsovo (Novosibirsk region), won”gold” for fast chess game wins in the championship of Europe among young boys and girls, which was held in September of 2008 in Chernogore (former Yugoslavia).

Among the candidates for the title of “Siberian -2008” are many famous athletes:

Nazir Mankiev, wrestler form Krasnoyarsk, brought the first gold into the piggy-bank of Russia at the 2008 Olympics.

Aleksei Tishchenko from Omsk, a graduate of the Altai school of boxing, won the last gold of Beijing for Russia.

Anton Golotsutskov from Seversk (Tomsk region) saved our team in gymnastics from total failure in the 2008 Olympics by winning two bronze medals.

Buvaysar Saitiyev, the legendary free-styler from Krasnoyarsk became a triple Olympic champion.

Evgenia Kanayeva - without her triumph the 2008 Olympics would have lost one of its most beautiful moments. Absolute champion of the Olympic Games in Beijing, a graduate of Omsk School of Gymnastics.

Bayir Badenov – archer from the Baikal region, who became a bronze medalist of 2008 Olympics. Badenov won the first Olympic medal for Russia in personal first place in archery in the last 20 years.

In the Para-olympic games in Beijing-2008,

Tamara Podpalnaya from Barnaul, double Para-olympic champion in power lifting, lifted weights of 125 kg, winning a silver medal .

And another winner of 2008 – member of the Russian ice hockey team,

Aleksandr Semin, gave the first goal in the superfinale of the World Championship 2008 Russia-Canada, and in the second, much more complicated period, he shot a double. After 15 years, Russia is again a champion in ice hockey!

Aleksandr Denisenko from Novosibirsk had no equal in beauty of his body in the category up to 180 cm and absolute category in the World body-building Championship- 2008 in Kaliningrad.

Anna Bulygina from Salekhard, one of the most promising biathloners of Russia was first in sprint (Cup of Europe) and won “gold” in the relay 4x6 km in the third stage of World Cup.

In the past year, the Siberians gave the world examples of bravery and human perseverance.

Arnold Meri, the last hero of Estonia, was nominated for the honorary title. He once became a true Siberian – he spent 8 years in exile in the Altai, working as an agronomist. Last year, the government of Estonia tried to judge the 89-year-old war veteran; in response, the community in Gorno-Altaisk decided to name one of the new streets after him.

Junior Lieutenant Vitaliy Neff from Novosibirsk region, during the fighting in Tsinvali, himself seriously wounded, attempted to carry his wounded subordinate out of the fighting field. Both died.

12-year-old schoolboy Vadim Kryuchkov from Kemerovsk region saved from drowning an adult man last summer. For this act, the boy received a medal “Hope of Kuzbass”.

Denis Orlov, a 3-year-old Siberian from the settlement Tatarskiy Klyuch (Buryatia, 100 km from Ulan-Ude), was lost in the taiga last spring where he spent 3 days without fire or food. The temperatures were -5degrees centigrade, colder at night. The infant survived, and by the latest information, there were no consequences – luckily, Denis is all right.

Heda Jindrak
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