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» » Tuvan Opan Sat, Zayana Apkhanova and Albert Kuvezin are pretenders for the title "Siberian-2010"
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Tuvan Opan Sat, Zayana Apkhanova and Albert Kuvezin are pretenders for the title "Siberian-2010"

Tuvan Opan Sat, Zayana Apkhanova and Albert Kuvezin are pretenders for the title "Siberian-2010" Among the 32 pretenders to the title "Sibiryaki-2010", Tuva is represented by the leader of the famous group Yat-Kha Albert Kuvezin, the winner of a beauty contest "Miss Asia-2010" Zayana Apkhanova, and double champion of Europe in free-style wrestling Opan Sat. yesterday, on 6 April the organizing committee of the contest announced the start of the internet voting, which will end on the night from 14th to 15th April.  Only 7 people, who will collect the most votes, will become the holders of the honorary  title "Sibiryaki-2010".  In the eight years of the existence of this contest, Tuvans were twice among the winners. In 2003 Sergei Shoigu won the honorary title, and in 2005 - Albert Kuvezin.

The contest starts on the site Sibir XXI Vek, where the complete list of the pretenders fort he title "Sibiryaki-2010" is located. The candidates were selected by a Council of Experts of 35 media representatives from various regions of Siberia. Tatiana Nikitina, holder of the title Siberian of the year, was picked as an independent expert. The model from Yakutsk won the contest "Miss Azia I Okeania-2003", and then became one of the first winners of the first project "Sibiryaki-2003".

Remember, if there is a tie of two or more candidates with the same number of votes and are among the first seven leaders, the winner will be picked by the independent expert.

In the words of the organizers of the contest, the chief aim of the project "Siberians of the Year" is to tell the wide public about remarkable people, our contemporaries. It is a non-commercial, independent Internet-project (no grants, no support by political parties, no government or corporate entities). The project has a clear social and patriotic character; all the interactions is on a voluntary basis.

The internet-contest has no categories - the name of the candidate and the reason for the nomination are in the first place. Any person can become one of the candidates and the winner, regardles of his or her social status, from any region of Russia, citizen of any country of the world. The main thing is that the activities of the candidates for the year 2010 correspond maximally to the motto of the project "For the good of Siberia, for the glory of Siberia!", translated by Heda Jindrak
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