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Tuvan Opan Sat, Zayana Apkhanova and Albert Kuvezin are pretenders for the title "Siberian-2010"

Tuvan Opan Sat, Zayana Apkhanova and Albert Kuvezin are pretenders for the title "Siberian-2010" Among the 32 pretenders to the title "Sibiryaki-2010", Tuva is represented by the leader of the famous group Yat-Kha Albert Kuvezin, the winner of a beauty contest "Miss Asia-2010" Zayana Apkhanova, and double champion of Europe in free-style wrestling Opan Sat. yesterday, on 6 April the organizing committee of the contest announced the start of the internet voting, which will end on the night from 14th to 15th April.  Only 7 people, who will collect the most votes, will become the holders of the honorary  title "Sibiryaki-2010".  In the eight years of the existence of this contest, Tuvans were twice among the winners. In 2003 Sergei Shoigu won the honorary title, and in 2005 - Albert Kuvezin.

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www.sib21vek.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak
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