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Festival Ustuu-Khuree in Summary

Festival Ustuu-Khuree in SummaryThe XII international festival of live music and faith, “Ustuu-Khuree”, just finished in Chadan. During the Year of Tourism, record numbers of visitors and citizens of the republic took part in the festival - more than 1500 people, including 262 participants in the contest. representatives of 20 countries showed up for this music forum: USA, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, Mongolia, Japan, Denmark, Holland, Bulgaria, India, Poland, Finland, Norway, Australia, Greece, Czech republic,  Germany, Ukraine,  Belarus, and Russia.

Since 1999, the festival has been drawing the public attention to the re-building of the Upper Chadan Buddhist monastery-temple, which was destroyed in the 30’s of 20th century.

In 2010, the headliners of the festival were the Wind Instrument Orchestra of the Government of RT, Sun-Ra Orchestra (USA), Gen Dos, Albert Kuvezin, Yuri Naumov (USA), “Amyr-Sanaa”, and folk groups Huun-Huur-Tu, Chirgilchin and “Tyva”.

The jury of  the XII International Festival of Live Music and Faith “Ustuu-Khuree” - 2010:

  1. Yuri Naumov - famous blues guitarist  (Brooklyn, New York)
  2. Yulia Dmitrieva - opera singer (Moscow)
  3. Sayan Zhambalov - leader of etho-rock group “Uragshaa” (Buryatia)
  4. Nikolai Dambaa - music leader of State Ensemble “Sayany” (Republic Tuva)
  5. Elizabeth Gordon - musicologist (Australia)
  6. Saidana Khertek - musicologist (Republic Tuva)
  7. Tamdyn Aldar - member of “Chirgilchin” group National Craftsman of republic Tuva, director of OOO “Ovaa”, workshop for manufacture of Tuvan national musical instruments - Chairman of the Jury.


Because the festival was declared to be  a charity, the Grand-Prix was not adjudged.

Winners of categories:

“Best soloist” - Olga Zubkova (Germany),

“Best fusion group” -- group “Allegoriya” 9Minusinsk of Krasnoyarsk Krai),

“Special prises” were awarded to Aidar Churupov (Gorno-Altaisk) and group “Kyngyrai” (Kyzyl).

Winners of 17 special categories were also mentioned.

info from press-release of the festival translated by Heda Jindrak
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1) 21.04.2023: Local governments Day (Russia)

2) 01.05.2023: May Day

3) 06.05.2023: Tuvan Constitution Day

4) 09.05.2023: Victory Day

5) 01.06.2023: Childrens defence Day

6) 06.06.2023: Russian Language Day - Pushkin's Day

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