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» » "Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guests
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«    July 2011    »
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"Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guests

"Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guestsFestival Ustuu-Khuree, which this year received  the guardianship of the district administration for the first time, brought more than 800 guests.  24 music ensembles and 25 solo performers from 12 countries of the world - USA, France, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Latvia, Czech Republic and others are participating in the music contest. Traditionally there are many guests from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and  Kemerovo. Premier Sholban Kara-ool welcomed the members of the forum at the opening of the festival: "We are very grateful to our guests for their strong love for Tuva, and to the people of Chadan for their hospitality. "Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guestsDzun-Khemchik district and  its people have always played a special role in Tuvan history, and they continue to actively participate in the life of the republic today."

All the festival participants have become guests of honor of the district Naadym, which was organized with special considerations this year. The parade-procession in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the republic also included 90 beauties, 90 wrestlers, and 90 horse-riders. And there were not just young women among the beauties, but also beautiful grandmothers and little girls. There will be horse races and national wrestling "Khuresh", with running commentary in Tuvan and Russian.

"Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guestsOn the first day of activities, 13 July, the public was treated  to Tuvan-Austrian singer Sainkho Namtchylak and French group Garlo Jo.

Concerts and contest programs will continue for four days on several stages at the same time. Among the headliners of the festival are famous musicians GenDos (Gennady Chamzyryn) and Albert Kuvezin, Wind Instrument Orchestra of Government of Republic Tyva and Sofia Kara-ool, group "Korabl Durakov" (Ship of fools), a guest from Czech republic Svatava Drlickova, and famous Tuvan groups "Tyva", "Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guests"Chirgilchin" and  "Huun-Huur-Tu".

Tomorrow, on 15 July, guests and participants of the festival, local residents and clergy will hold a ritual procession  "Khoroo" (pilgrimage to sacred sites) on the itinerary: temple Aldyy-Khuree - suburgan - old temple Ustuu-Khuree - new temple Ustuu-Khuree.  In the evening there will be another concert-marathon.

"Ustuu-Khuree" festival in Tuva brought more that 800 guestsRemember that architect Villa Khaslavskaya, the author of the idea of reconstruction of Ustuu-Khuree temple, came to the festival from Moscow.

Several press-conferences will be held as part of the festival - "Koster druzhby"(Campfire of friendship). The festival of live music and  faith will conclude on 16 July with a beautiful gala-concert of the best ensembles. Traditionally, during the festival Chadan will do without alcohol.

The 13th International Festival of Live Music and Faith is organized by Government of Tuva, Tuvan State Philharmony, and Dzun-Khemchik District Administration, photo by Viktoria Lachugina, translated by Heda Jindrak
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