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» » In Tuva, kids learn about the rituals and meaning of the Shagaa holiday in kindergarten
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In Tuva, kids learn about the rituals and meaning of the Shagaa holiday in kindergarten

In Tuva, kids learn about the rituals and meaning of the Shagaa holiday in kindergartenEvery year, the Shagaa holiday gathers more meaning for the residents of Tuva. People strive to celebrate it with observation of all the rules. Representatives of the middle generation, who had to forget about the celebrations of folk holidays during the Soviet era are only now beginning to remember the traditions of their ancestors. Today, respect for national customs is obtained in kindergarten. Today, on the last day of the old year, the head of the republic Sholban Kara-ool visited a morning celebration in "Rucheyek" kindergarten, of the Kaa-Khem village, and convinced himself personally that even the smallest children  understand the deeper significance of Shagaa.

In Tuva, kids learn about the rituals and meaning of the Shagaa holiday in kindergartenHoliday attire and decorations is the chief hallmark of the ceremonial welcome of the Lunar New Year. The children from the preparatory group of "Rucheyek" know all this. Six-year-old Yegor Votyakov celebrates Shagaa already for the second time, and can tell the neophytes about the meaning of his holiday costume. He explains that the top of his hat is decorated with the knot of happiness, and his friend's boots have tips turned upward so that they would not harm the grass. It is not often that all the friends can see each other  in in real Tuvan national clothes.

The holiday is a good opportunity to look at others and show yourself. Beside good knowledge of national holiday attire, Yegor also speaks the Tuvan language with brilliance. Without an accent and without a single mistake he reads verses about the coming holiday Shagaa, performs folk dances with pleasure, sings songs. The boy  names dalgan as his favorite food of Tuvan cuisine. Yegor Votyakov discusses all this without any  reminders from his parents. He speaks with confidence and sincerity. His friend Roma Timchenko is glad that Tuva celebrates the New Year twice. "During the first New Year we give presents, and for Shagaa, we play various games", shares Roma.

"It is very important for our children to get to know the culture and customs of other people, - explains the mother of one of the "Rucheyek" pupils, Mariya Gorbunova. - It  widens the child's horizons.  In our kindergarten they pay special attention to development of internationalism. And you can see that the children are all friends and have mutual respect. The Russian kids pour out  Tuvan words, And the Tuvan kids speak Russian fluently."

The children demonstrated their talents at this morning party, discussed how to welcome Shagaa, played folk games and danced circle dances.

In Tuva, kids learn about the rituals and meaning of the Shagaa holiday in kindergartenThe head of the republic Sholban Kara-ool dropped in on the morning party at "Rucheyek" with his arms full of presents. He treated everybody to sweet boorzaks (fried dough).  As the kids pleased him with their musical talents, he promised to give a new piano to the kindergarten in the near future.

This is the last Shagaa for Yegor Votyakov and all the other kids from the preparatory group; next year they will already welcome Shagaa  at school. "And let it be no less beautiful and joyful, - wished them the head of the republic. - Dear children, you are all very friendly and very talented. Please value and protect your friendship."

The kindergarten "Rucheyek" has been active in Kaa-Khem since 1985. Lyubov Alexeyevna Zubkova has been  in charge of this pre-school  for 25 years. She is an expert of national education. The staff of the kindergarten pays special attention to  the physical and psychological development of the children and to correction and health of the charges. The instructors are often recipients of prizes in village and republican competitions. The parents actively participate in organizational work at the kindergarten., translated by Heda Jindrak
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