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» » Made in Tuva: the taste of Grandmother's cheese
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Made in Tuva: the taste of Grandmother's cheese

Made in Tuva: the taste of Grandmother's cheeseMai-ool Mongush, a resident of Kyzyl, has started his business in 2009, when he received a grant of the chairman of the government of Tuva - 300 thousand rubles. Now the businessman is already making seven brand products -  sour milk beverage "Bozha",  national dish chokpek with various flavors, bozhazhyk - a Tuvan cottage cheese, kurut,  fast-cooking dalgan "Jachmenka",  and Tuvan cheese - byshtak.

He also has millet in production, which is one of  Tuvan favorites. They eat it with cream, and it can be soaked in milk tea, and a real Tuvan folk dish is ready. It is a family business. Mai-ool Semyonovich's younger brother Sayan works with him. The young businessmen, natives of Sut-Khol district, need no expensive technologies - the entire technology of the production…is from their own Grandmother.  The brothers admit that they remember to this day how their Grandmother made their favorite dairy delicacies - cheese and cottage cheese. Their main goal is to get their products to taste "just like Grandma used to make".

So far the production is not large, with only three people working.  It is all hand-made. The raw materials are their own - from an auxiliary farm in Sut=Khol, where they keep about 50 cows. There, of course, they have some people working. And as to plans, the business will eventually have at least another five working positions.

Widening the production became possible thanks to the mayor of Kyzyl. The administration offered the businessman a place for rent, and the renovation has already been finished. Mai-ool Mongush calculates that by this summer they should be able to start production at the new place.  Even more so, because the Foundation for support of  business of the city of Kyzyl has been helpful, allocating 250 thousand rubles. The money went for the down payment of the lease of the equipment.

The production of this private businessman already has its fans. The steady customers know that these dishes of national cuisine can be obtained at two sale points in the city - the department store "Arbyn" and at the café of  the House of the way of Life. But this is only the first stage, as Mai-ool Mongush explains. With the widening of the production scope, the volume will also increase.

Consequently, the products will be sold in other sale areas of Kyzyl, too.  So much more, because the product is advertised , beside the good taste qualities, also a suitable packaging. Part of it is obtained in Abakan, some products they pack themselves. They got a special heat-sealing machine for that.

As a matter of fact, the "economic niche" of  product packaging in Tuva is still open. It is a great excuse to start one's own business. And the authorities will help.

The City authorities have worked out a special-purpose municipal program "Development of small and medium-size business in the city of Kyzyl for 2010-2011". The program has designated priorities of support to business. The priorities are work-up of farm production, construction, including residential, and  industry.

These are the directions for  use of  innovative technology. The municipal program, worked out by the Administration of economy of Kyzyl government, offers not just financial help in the form of grants and micro-shares. Small and medium business will be supported also by information - by providing access to financial-credit and information-consulting resources. In this way, the city government is already planning to allocate land plots for construction of production sites. But - only according to the general plan of Kyzyl. They have already thought of places for locating outdoor advertisement on the city territory.  The sale site of farming products will also be located in Kyzyl, according to the special program, a market-place will  appear by  2012.

In one word, small and medium business will be supported in all possible ways. More than 37200 thousand rubles has been allocated for all these measures, including 11470 thousand rubles from the city budget and 25730 thousand from the republic budget.

Right now more that 15 thousand people in Kyzyl are occupied with small business. The most attractive for the entrepreneurs is still  the non-production sphere,  especially sales and public food. The municipal program is the first step towards development of  precisely production business, and  enlargement of existing objects.

Aldynai Salchak,, translated by Heda Jindrak
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