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Ensemble "Tyva" will play in Irkutsk

Ensemble "Tyva" will play in IrkutskAccording to the information agency "Teleinform", on 15 February at the concert hall of Irkutsk regional Philharmony, there will be a performance by khoomei (throat singing) ensemble from republic Tuva - folklore ensemble "Tyva" with their program "Journey of the Nomad".

The group was founded in 1988 by musicologist Zoya Kyrgys and national khoomeizhi of Republic Tyva Gennady Tumat for rebirth of Tuvan national culture, cultural self-identification, with the aim of preserving the performance traditions of Tuvan throat-singing.

It is the only ensemble in Tuva, which has the name of the republic. Ancestors of the Tuvans, when they came to Tuva, "found" and preserved the art of throat-singing, all its types, and all the types of musical instruments of the nomads. Tuva is a place where Huns, Scythians, Sarmatians, Kirghiz, Uighurs and Turks lived. And all this is in the songs of ensemble "Tyva". This is the origin of the wide spectrum of themes of the ensemble, ranging from meditative and contemplative to pathos.

Under the leadership of talented master throat-singer, Merited artist of Republic Tyva, national Khoomeizhi Mongun-ool Ondar, in 2002 the ensemble received the Grand-prix of International Festival of Live Music "Ustuu-Khuree" (Republic Tyva).

In 2003 :Tyva" received Grand-prix of the IV International music festival "Melodies of the East" (in Samarkand) which took place under the patronage of UNESCO - it was the first Russian victory at such a prestigious contest. Ensemble "Tyva" performed with great success in Mongolia, Taiwan, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Norway, USA, Japan and other countries.

Repertoire of the ensemble is very varied, it includes solo and ensemble performances of throat-singing in all the five styles (sygyt, kargyraa, khoomei, ezengileer, and borbannadyr), epic poetry, instrumental play on folk instruments (khomus, byzaanchy, igil, doshpuluur, kengirge, dungur and others), and original folk Tuvan songs as well as composed songs.

Throat singing, which has powerful energy, shows healing and prophylactic effect, helps relaxation and helps to obtain harmony of the body and soul., translated by Heda Jindrak
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