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» » The first international biennale of contemporary urban sculpture to be held in Tuva - Center of Asia
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«    Fabruary 2013    »
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The first international biennale of contemporary urban sculpture to be held in Tuva - Center of Asia


Tuva is planning to hold a biennale of contemporary urban sculpture with invitations to Russian and foreign sculptors. After the end of the exhibition, the works will be placed in the streets of Tuvan capital.

This is a joint project of  Ministry of Culture of Tuva and of the mayor's office of Kyzyl to celebrate  the 100th anniversary of  the republic's joining with Russia, and 100th anniversary of  Kyzyl. As the ministry announced, the idea of the contest originated with the well-known sculptor Baiza Ondar and his Kievan colleague Nikita Mazayev. They will attempt to mobilize other colleagues to take part, including those from Russian regions and from abroad. 12 works will be selected from sketches submitted by the contestants, and the authors will be invited to Tuva, where they will create the actual sculptures.

According to the intention of the organizers, regardless of the historical significance of the date, the biennale will be completely democratic - no monuments, preference will be given to so-called street sculpture with dimensions no bigger than 2.00 by 1.5 meters. In the words of the head of the department of culture of the mayor's office, Ertine Kongar, designs of any genre, style or direction are accepted, even avant-garde, with the stipulation that the work is original and shows more artistic worth than the usual "girls with an oar" found in any park. People, the Kyzyl administration thinks, "want to see their city in various tones, contemporary and memorable".

Several themes are being worked out for the participants, associated in some way with the double jubileum. For example, theme of folk colorit will be closer to Tuvan participants. For participants from other regions of Russia, the dominant of future celebrations may be the theme - unification of people, cultures and sates. The foreign artists will have complete freedom of creativity.

The participants of the biennale will be provided with all the necessities for life and work, including the raw material for the sculpture - it is supposed that this will be mostly granite, as well as metal and other materials. In the words of Baiza Ondar, who has experience of participation in similar festivals, each master will need about 6 tons of stone - it will have to be brought from quarries in Khakassia. Currently collection of means for the contest has begun, because it will be only partially financed by from the city budget and that of the Ministry of culture of RT. The main burden of the expenses will be taken up by donors from the business circles. All 12 sculptures are planned to be made and  presented in the capital of the republic already by August of this year.  The presentation should be annexed to the holiday of Tuvan herders - Naadym, which is celebrated every year on 14 - 15 August.
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