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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Sayan-Altai is the Motherland of Christ?

The hypothesis put forward by Tuvan poet and writer Igor Irgit, stating that Sayan-Altai region is the motherland of Jesus Christ, has been issued as a book in Abakan. The author himself covered the expenses spent on the publication of the scandalous edition.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Union of Artists is 40 Years Old

Agalmatolit (Arat (Tuvan peasant) riding a camel). Author: M.Cherzy, 1962 (photo courtesy glrt.narod.ru)40 years ago the first congress of Tuvan artists took place in Kyzyl. It founded a new professional union - union of artists with 13 members. Among the initiators of its creation was Vladimir Diomin, Russin artist who came to Tuva in the 30-ties. He was the designer of the last issues of the postage stamps of the Tuvan People's Republic and the author of the Centre of Asia Monument. Today Tuvan Union of Artists comprises 58 artists, the majority of which are stone-carvers. Among them are 4 State Prize-winners of the Russian Federation.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Shaman after Teaching Moscovites Shamanic Techniques is Heading for Ukraine

Nikolai Oorzhak (photo courtesy overtone.ru)Tuvan shaman Nikolai Oorzhak has held in Moscow 2-days seminar on shamanism. The internet announcements attracted to the 'East' club 40 'pupils' ranging from an art-director of an advertizing firm to a driver. 70 dollars' price for a 12-hours-long indulgement into the Tuvan culture, history, shamanic practices and Tuvan khoomei they considered a cheap one for such an interesting 'journey' to Tuva. Oorzhak started as a throat-singer in the 'Tyva' ensemble in the late 80-ties later on devoting himself to shamanism. His seminars are now quite popular in Saint-Petersbourg, Kiev and Moscow. After Moscow he is heading for Ukraine.
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Dina Oyun
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