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"Sayan Ring" Cycling Marathon Goes through Tuva

"Sayan Ring" traditional cycling marathon starts in Krasnoyarsk Friday. The route comprises towns and districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tuva. 30 top sportsmen and veterans of cycling from five Siberian regions and the Republic of Kazakhstan will take part in the marathon. The routs is: Krasnoyarsk – Achinsk – Abakan – Kyzyl – Ak-Dovurak – Abakan – Krasnoyarsk. Participants of the cycling marathon will overcome about 2,500 kilometers.

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Russian Culture Minister promised to render assistance in construction of Tuvan Regional Study Museum

Russian Culture Minister Alexander Sokolov promised to render assistance in construction of a new building for Tuvan Regional Study Museum. Dina Oyun, councilor of Sholban Kara-ool, head of Tuvan Republic, announced it.

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Alash to Perform Tonight at Western Connecticut State University

Alash! Throat Singers of Tuva will perform tonight at Western Connecticut State University.
An award-winning ensemble of four young men from Tuva, bordering Outer Mongolia, Alash! employs the traditional technique of throat singing, also called xoomei, which allows an individual performer to sing more than one note at a time. In traditional Tuvan music, the singers often use their voices and instruments to create the sounds of bird whistles, bubbling streams, cantering horses and howling wolves, producing a musical portrait of the forested taiga and windswept steppes of their homeland.
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Tuvan dancer Accused of Murder Attempt to be Interrogated in Italy

Tuvan fleute-player Khenzig-ool Kuzhuget detained in Italy over a murder attempt on his compatriot throat-singer Albert Ondar will be interrogated Wednesday, RIA Novosti reported Tuesday with the reference to Sergey Pirogov, press-officer of Russia's General Consulate in Milan.
According to Pirogov, police gave no details about the incident, yet confirming the fact.
"We have managed to talk to heads of Bergamo hospital, where the injured man is now. Doctors say they received the patient with a knife wound in his heart. He is reported as being in a grave condition. There is no risk to his life," the press-officer told.
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Tuvan Delegation Takes Part in the Saint-Petersburg Forum

Over 6000 people representing 60 countries take part in the 11th Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum. Among its participants is a Tuvan delegation headed by Sholban Kara-ool, Prime-Minister. Tuvan railway Kyzyl-Kuragino project will be presented at the forum. Today Chinese-Russian investment cooperation is being discussed within the Saint-Petersburg Forum.
Russia' economic prospects have been voiced in Saint-Petersburg by the Russian high-ranking officials.

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Average Life Expectancy in Tuva Lowest in Russia

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released a report on Russian poverty earlier this week. In it, even Kremlin sycophant Sergei Mironov, Russia's equivalent to the American U.S. Senate Majority leader, admits: "Objective indicators and scientific studies show worsening of human potential in Russia over the last 15-20 years. The negative trend can be seen across the board, from education levels and qualifications to health and life expectancy.

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Tuvan Wrestler Winner at the International Tournament

The winner of 120 kg category iin the Third All-Russian Freestyle Wrestling Tournament for the prizes of Buvaisar Saitiev, two-time Olympic champion, is Soyan Sonam from Tuva. Tuvan wrestlers used to be in the lead in the light categories and this victory came as a surprise.Krasnoyarsk wrestlers have won three golden medals. Andrei Maltsev and Stepan Yeremeyev took the first places in the weight categories of 100 and 58 kg. Vusal Mustafaev of Azerbaijan and Tomur Oorzhak of the Republic of Tuva were second respectively.

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