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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Ensemble “Oktay” received a bus for their anniversary

One of the best known teams of the republic, children’s ethnographic ensemble “Oktay” received a bus as a present for their 20th anniversary. The head of the republic, Sholban Kara-ool, announced the decision to secure their own transportation for the children’s ensemble at the Christmas concert, which took place on January 7, 2010 to a full house.

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Info from and translated by Heda Jindrak

Artistic Teams from Kemerovo Region are coming to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ensemble “Oktay”

Today, artists from Kemerovo region arrive in Tuva. Two famous creative teams – folk dance ensemble “Aprel” and pattern-dance ensemble “Tausen” – will participate in the holiday Christmas concert, which will take place in Kyzyl on January 7. The concert is organized by one of the most famous children’s groups of Tuva, ethnographic ensemble “Oktay”. On January 7, the ensemble will mark its 20th anniversary.

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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tourist enthusiasts in Tuva welcomed 2010 on top of a mountain

On New Year’s Eve, around 40 people aged 17 to 70 years ascended to the top of Mount Dogee north of Kyzyl.

“20 minutes to twelve, we were already on the peak of the mountain, - says Maadyr-ool Khovalyg, one of the originators of this ascent. – The challenge to meet the “Year of Tourism” in field conditions received a response from enthusiasts from Tes-Khem, Shagonar, and Ak-Dovurak”.

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Mergen Loigu, translated by Heda Jindrak

A Trophy-expedition “Metel 2010”(Snowstorm) started out for Kungurtuk (Tuva)

Trophy-Expedition “Metel-2010”, consisting of 10 off-road vehicles started out on Jan. 2 from Novosibirsk, taking the route: Novosibirsk – Abakan – Kyzyl - Saryg-Sep - Kungurtuk. The main goal of this trip is the abandoned fortress of the Uighur Kagan Eletmish Bilge-Kagan, which was built in 8th century. The total length of the route is about 3100 kilometers.

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Info from translated by Heda Jindrak

New Year’s greetings from the Kamby-Lama of Tuva to the people of the republic

Allow me to express New Year’s best wishes to you from the Administration of Kamby-Lama of Republic Tuva and from me personally, with the beginning of year 2010.

The year that is ahead of us comes in the image of the Tiger, personifying unquenchable energy and courage.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

Famous Tuvan stone-carver celebrates his 65th birthday

On January 1, a representative of a famous Bai-Taiga dynasty of stone-carvers, Donduk Toibukhaa celebrated his 65th birthday. The name of the Merited Artist of Russia(1988), Laureate of State Award of Russia(1992), State Award of Tuva(1991), and prize of Leninist Komsomol of Tuva, is included in the state book of the republic “People of Merit of Tuva in XX. Century”.

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Mergen Loigu, translated by Heda Jindrak
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