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» » Tuvan hunters caught more than 230 wolves since the beginning of the year
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Tuvan hunters caught more than 230 wolves since the beginning of the year

Tuvan hunters caught more than 230 wolves since the beginning of the yearIn Tuva, in the course of the first three months of 2011, 230 wolves have been destroyed, or 60% of the total number of the predators caught in 2010.  The vice-premier of the republic, Valentin Endan informed about this; he is the government curator of village management in the republic. The matter of struggle with wolves was discussed today at a report of the course of the breeding campaign in the herding farms of Tuva.   Struggle with the grey predators was designated as one of the relevant tasks in this campaign; since the beginning of the year, wolves have already killed 904 heads of small horned cattle, 92 cows and 35 horses.

The documented damages to animal husbandry farms from wolf attacks on cattle according to the ministry data, have reached 34.1 million rubles last year. As to the population density of the predators per  an unit of area, Tuva is in the first place among regions of Russia. The numbers of wolves increased above the norm when systematic battle with  the predators  was stopped in the early 1990's. today, the wolf population , according to data of State hunting commission of Tuva  has reached about 2.5-3 thousand individuals ( 380-400 wolf packs).

The republic government allocated 3.25 million rubles for premiums to hunters for destroying the predators. The  monetary reward is 7,000 rubles for  one dead wolf. As a result of these measures in 2010, specialists destroyed the largest number of wolves in the last years - 433 individuals. However, to solve the problem it is necessary to shoot 750 - 1,000 predators every year., translated by Heda Jindrak
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