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» » A Buryat beauty won the crown of the International beauty contest "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012"
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«    April 2012    »
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A Buryat beauty won the crown of the International beauty contest "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012"

A Buryat beauty won the crown of the International beauty contest "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012"In 23 years of the history of beauty contests in Tuva, the republic played the host last weekend to a very representative group of beauties and masters of arts from the most varied regions of Russia. The contest of grace and accomplishment "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012 took place within the framework of the First international festival of creative youth "Adargan - 2012", with the support of the Government of Tuva, department of youth affairs and sports of Kyzyl, leadership of "Miss Russia International - 2012", and youth administration of the republic.

Vice-Premier Dina Oyun greeted the spectators and participants of the contest in the name of the Head of Republic Tyva. "Our Russia is rich and strong precisely in its variety of cultures. Today's contest unites all of us, and gives us the opportunity to learn about many diverse cultures," - said Oyun.

The packed hall of the Music and drama theater warmly encouraged 13 beauties from Tuva, Khakassia, Altai, Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Upper Shoria, Sakha-Yakutia, Kazakhstan and South Korea. The criteria for selection of participants were their specific culture, ability to communicate, ability to establish contact with the audience, knowledge of etiquette, sense of humor, gracefulness, physical appearance, intellectual and creative abilities, artistic mastery.

The program was saturated and included contests which could not fit into the Gala -evening at the theatre. On the night before, the first stages took place at "Five Stars" restaurant. In particular, the beauties showed their creative potential during the contest of "Talents". A totally new A Buryat beauty won the crown of the International beauty contest "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012"standard of this stage, traditionally performed as song and dance, was set by Shoraana Ondar, a student of TGU, who performed an exciting sketch. Razilya Abdulgazina from Bashkortostan astonished the audience with her flute play, and Alexandra Yelegayeva, a beauty from Yakutia with her original folk vocals. Schoolgirl Anna Kim from South Korea and tiny Irina Antonkina from Upper Shoria put the audience under a spell with their remarkable artistic dance.

The Jury of the contest headed by the consultant of regulation of public connections of the Administration of Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Ramzan Tsokayev did not have an easy task. As a matter of fact, the delegation from Krasnoyarsk, which brought the jury chairman, became a good support for the organizers. Celebrity Krasnoyarsk artists, who performed during music intermissions, widened the limits of the contest, and significantly increased the standard of the action.

At the National theater, the girls took part in five contest tasks. The first impression was made by their walk through the audience hall, and greeting to the spectators. On the stage, the participants told about the republic they represented, and a video-presentation "My country" was presented simultaneously.

Then the participants demonstrated their folk costumes - the spectators and the jury evaluated the appearance of the contestants in a general parade. The next assignment was devoted to the Year of Russian History - "Avant-garde costume". Here the girls were expected to show their ability to make their attire. The costume was supposed to reflect the image of life of ladies of 18th - 19th centuries, and the contestants successfully completed their task. Dina Sat, representing Tuva, appeared on the stage in a silvery dress made of foil, which she made herself, then draped a mantle of furs over her shoulders. Arzhaana Ondar, Tuva, made an impression with a headdress in the shape of a ship, and a paper dress with waving ruffles, which turned out to be dozens of rubber gloves.

Ayla Tyundesheva's fluffy skirt was made of dozens of balloons stuffed into a transparent net.

The next stage in store for the spectators was a contest of swimsuits in ethno-style "Physical perfection". Ertine Kongar, deputy of the director of A Buryat beauty won the crown of the International beauty contest "Miss Asia Alma Mater - 2012"department of youth affairs and sports, and at the same time the immediate curator of "Miss Asia Alma mater 2012", was the designer of the contest. The girls appeared in front of the spectators in golden swimsuits, headdresses decorated with beads, and with whips in hand, which they used with confidence while performing a dance, which was also produced by Ertine Ko9ngar. The contest was not limited to the dance, there was a surprise in store for the spectators - the contestants came out in swimsuits again, but this time they were donated by "Parizhanka" boutique.

"In terms of organization, Tuva is always on the top, - a jury member, Vice-Mrs. Russia, Albina Usmanova emphasized, who is a representative of a modeling agency from Bashkortostan. - that is why we are always glad to bring the girls to these contests. But we understand that the Tuvan contestants have the strongest background in choreography, and so we correspondingly try to bring our girls to this level. Ertine Kongar is a remarkable organizer and magnificent artistic director. It is obvious that there was some very serious and productive work with the participants. Complicated walks that other regions never bother with. Plus the perfectly fantastic designer ideas in the contest "Avant-garde" and the swimsuits".

The contest culminated in a defile in elegant formal gowns.

In the end, after some heated debates, the jury declared the winner of the crown of "Miss Asia Alma Mater 2012". It was Aryuna Byubeyeva (Buryatia). Diamonds, fur coat, a check for 100 thousand rubles - all that in addition to the crow. Razilya Abdulgazina (Bashkortostan) was declared the first vice-Miss Asia 2012. The title of Vice-Miss Asia 2012 was awarded to Arzhaana Ondar, who was able to light up the hearts of most of the spectators with her immense radiating energy.

The spectators voted for the perfect forms of Alina Alarushkina from the Altai. She received the most prestigious award "Spectators' prize". And from the jury, she received the title of "Miss Supermodel".

"Miss Friendship" and "Miss Talent" went to the stirring Anai-Khaak Kyrgys, who represented the law enforcement organs of Tuva.

"Miss Style" - Shoraana Ondar (Tuva), "Miss Supermodel" - Dina Sat (Tuva), "Miss grace" - Irina Antonkina (Upper Shoria), "Miss Folk tonality" - Alexandra Yelegayeva (Sakha- Yakutia), "Miss Discovery" - Anna Kim (South Korea), "Miss Avant-garde" - Olga Tinnikova (Khakassia), "Miss Smile" - Tamilla Turuntayeva (Kazakhstan), and "Miss Spring" - Ayla Tyundesheva (Khakassia were the rest of the titles awarded.

With her victory in Tuva, Aryuna Byubeyeva won the right to take part in the finale of the beauty contest "Miss Russia International - 2012", which will be held in Krasnoyarsk.

Aigul Kayumova,, translated by Heda Jindrak
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