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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

81 years since the birth of the patriarch of Tuvan literature, Kyzyl-Enik Kudazhy

Today marks 81 years from the birth of the National writer of Tuva, Laureate of Government prize of the republic, member of  the Writers’ Union of Russia and Tuva, Kyzyl-Enik Kyrgysovich Kudazhy (1929-2006). A native of Iyi-Tal of Ulug-Khem district, he was born on December 13 1929 in a small village Cheenik, in the clan of Baryk Kyrgystary (Kyrgyses of Baryk, settled along river Baryk, a tributary of Yenisei).  Later, he described these places in his novel-trilogy “Uygu chok Ulug-Khem” (Restless Ulug-Khem), which then became a classic.

Kudazhy first took up his pen in 1948. His first book of verse was published 10 years later, in 1958.

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translated by Heda Jindrak

The famous cabin of the legendary scholar of Tuvan shamanism transferred into his private ownership

The famous cabin of the legendary  scholar of  Tuvan shamanism  transferred into his private ownershipThe wooden cabin, which has been already for many years the headquarters of the chief scholar of Tuvan shamanism, Mongush Borakhovich Kenin-Lopsan, was transferred into his private ownership. This decision was announced yesterday at the presentation of the second, expanded edition of the novel-essay “Buyan-Badyrgy”, dedicated to the memory of the prominent statesman of Tuva, by the head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool. “It is not for me. It is for history, for posterity, - Mongush  Borakhovich did not hide his pleasure. The writer is happy that the book about one of the founders of Tuvan State received a new life.

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gov.tuva.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak

Three leaders in Internet-voting for “Nine treasures of Tuva” has not changed after 8 days: snow leopard, lake Azas, and river Yenisei

These are the preliminary results of Internet voting:


Snow leopard

3840 (20.05%)

Lake Azas

887 (4.64%)

River Yenisei

858 (4.49%)

Lake Kara-Khol with waterfall

736 (3.85%)

Mt. Bai-Taiga

617 (3.23%)

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tosetine.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak

Internet and SMS voting for “Nine Treasures of Tuva” will take place from December 1 to December 10.

Today in Government House a press-conference took place, where the journalists were told about the next, the most significant stage of  the special project “Tos Ertine” (Nine Treasures) - the popular voting for the nine most important noteworthy attractions of the republic, which will take place on December 1-10. The 45 entries, which were selected by the Expert Council for the final vote were introduced to those present.

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Anna Khadakhane, translated by Heda Jindrak

Kongar-ool Ondar. He took the hit-parades by the throat. There are very few people in Russia who really value culture.

Kongar-ool Ondar. He took the hit-parades by the throat. There are very few people in Russia who really value culture.In Krasnoyarsk, the master of throat-singing performs in small halls. But in the USA, his album “Back Tuva Future” got to be among the 10 best, according to “New York Post”, together with John Lennon’s disc.

-  I have traveled throughout the world with concerts, and I have not been only to Australia and Africa.  I can tell you that definitely it is much more complicated to organize a concert in Russia than abroad. The tastes of our young people have been conquered by pop. Of course, that is not our weight category - we work only for real aficionados of national culture, and there are very few of those in Russia.

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Aif na Enisee, translated by Heda Jindrak

Days of Khakass Culture just transpired in Tuva

Days of Khakass Culture just transpired in TuvaPractically the entire collective of Khakass Philharmony participated in the program of Days of Khakass Culture in Tuva, where it was associated with the Day of National Unity.

Now even many Tuvan children know what a chatkhan is. It is a Khakass musical instrument in the shape of an elongated rectangular box with horse-hair strings stretched length-wise; it is a symbol of the Khakass nation. It was precisely a chatkhan which was used to accompany the heroic epics, “alyptyg nymakhi”.

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Alexander Filatenko, “Tuvinskaya Pravda”, translated by Heda Jindrak

Detailed biography of Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, one of the best throat singers of the world, has been published in Tuva

Detailed biography of Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, one of the best throat singers of the world, has been published in TuvaUlyana Mongush, a scholar, has completed a titanic work, having collected under one cover all the interesting facts about the life of the legendary Tuvan khoomeizhi, leader oft eh group Huun-Huur-Tu, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, who celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this year. The book “The Willful Khovalyg and Huun-Huur-Tu was published I two languages - Russian and Tuvan. There is also a short summary of the book in English.  “Khurtuun Khovalyg bile Khun-Khurtu” quotes the rich speech of the throat singer, who has a remarkable sense of humor and knows all the intricacies of Tuvan folk traditions.
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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

107 new photos of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tuva published

107 new photos of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tuva publishedPrime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin participated in another action associated with protection of animals. The main goal  of the Prime minister’s expedition to the “Ubsunur Depression” nature preserve, located in Republic Tyva, was to verify the areas of habitation of  the snow leopard,  which is listed in the Red Book and under threat of extinction.

The Premier’s visit to the preserve, which is in South Siberia in a depression of the same name near the salt-water lake Ubsu-Nur, took place in September, but the photos first showed up in the media only days ago. On October 30, a series of photos was published by the official site of the Prime Minister.

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Info from premier.gov.ru, newsru.com, translated by Heda Jindrak

Butterflies and beetles from the whole world are coming to Tuva

Butterflies and beetles from the whole world are coming to TuvaOn October 15, at the National Museum of Tuva a unique exhibition of the famous collector from Krasnoyarsk, Vladimir Efremenko, “Beetles and butterflies of the world” will open. The entire collection holds more than 18 thousand specimens collected in various corners of the world. Only about 2000 specimens will be exhibited. Vladimir Efremenko has been collecting for more than 20 years, and the collection includes very rare species of butterflies and beetles.
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museum.tuva.ru, translated by Heda Jindrak

Nikolai Rastorguyev felt like a nomad in Tuva

Nikolai Rastorguyev felt like a nomad in TuvaNikolai Rastorguyev and his group “Lyube” presented two concerts in the Tuvan capital. The audience of the first one consisted of front-line veterans, veterans of local wars, of work, and the staff of law-enforcement organs. “It was such a pleasure! – tells us blockade participant Tatiana Afonicheva. – I sang along, I cried a bit. Such songs! They go right to the heart. At home during family celebrations, we always sing the song “Combat” with my husband and children. And the theatre has become so beautiful! Chandeliers like at the Mariinskiy. Everything glitters. I have been to many concerts in Leningrad, and I have something to compare it to, but here in Tuva it is now just as good. I liked the “Lyube” concert so much that I went back to the square at 19 hours to listen some more. There was a huge crowd of young people. So many people. I sang along until I got too cold for me.”
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Dina Oyun, photo by Vitaly Shaifulin, translated by Heda Jindrak
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