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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan treasures of the Scythian era to be shown in Hungary

Tuvan treasures of the Scythian era to be shown in HungaryIn May of 2012, there will be an exhibition of the unique finds from the Scythian era burial, found in Tuva in 2001 by archeological expedition of the Hermitage, at the National Museum of Hungary. The exhibition in Budapest will be open for three months. As ITAR-TASS informed, the agreement about exhibiting the Scythian gold from Center of Asia in Budapest was concluded by the Honorary Director of the Hungarian National Museum Fodor Istvan and the General Director Laszlo Csorba. Work has started in Kyzyl to prepare this export exhibition. Only a small proportion of the objects found in Tuvan kurgan Arzhaan-2 will be taken to Hungary
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"Izvestiya" newspaper, translated by Heda Jindrak

Medvedev will invite Obama to listen to Tuvan throat-singing

Medvedev will invite Obama to listen to Tuvan throat-singingRussian president Dmitri Medvedev intends to invite  president of  the USA Barack Obama to listen to world-famous Tuvan throat-singing. That is a promise that the head of the government made to a Tuvan musician during his conference with culture workers in Moscow.

Kongar-ool Ondar complained to Medvedev that China and Mongolia often say that throat-singing is an ancient art of their nomads. "But after all, it is our way of singing, we have the patent," - said the musician.

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Producers of the film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" are being sued for 17 million rubles

Producers of  the film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" are being sued for 17 million rublesThe feature film "By the Will of Genghis Khan" was released to the movie screens of this country in 2009. It took several years to make yet another epos about the great conqueror, kilometers of film and almost 10 million dollars. At the premiere everybody applauded the film crew and the director  Andrei Borisov,  who is also the minister of culture of Yakutia.

It almost seemed that the Yakut film  will conquer the entire planet, and will get the well-deserved awards… The blow came from an unexpected direction: the sponsors, because the Yakut film was filmed for more than the budget money, demanded return of the money. It was explained that they supplied the money in advance, and that the film did not justify their expectations.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda, translated by Heda Jindrak

In Tuva at the new ethno-cultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak" there will be khoomei worship

In Tuva at the new ethno-cultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak" there will be khoomei worship45 kilometers from Kyzyl in the west direction of Kyzyl-Shagonar highway by the Ulug-Khem river at the place "Balyktyg-Kharaar", there has been constructed an ethno-cultural complex  "Aldyn-Bulak" .  Yesterday, the official presentation of the complex took place; it is expected to become one of the strategic objects of tourism business, as well as to make a substantial contribution into the piggy-bank of tourist attractiveness of Tuva.   More than 30 million rubles has been allocated for its  construction out of the republic's budget. The finished ethno-cultural complex has become the last note of the Year of Tourism.
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Tuvan Government, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuvan "Dead sea" will receive special status

Tuvan "Dead sea" will receive special statusOne of the few Russian analogs of the Dead Sea - Tuvan lake Dus-Khol will this year officially receive the status of a therapeutic - recreational location of regional significance. The government of the republic set a task for the appropriate agencies at a conference on 16 March, to prepare all the necessary documents  for securing this legal status. The new status will obligate the organs of administration  on all levels to provide more effective security and rational utilization of this unique lake, which has long been known all over the country for its therapeutic properties.

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Information from press-service, translated by Heda Jindrak

Origin of the name of "Ergaki" Nature Park

Origin of the name of "Ergaki" Nature Park The ridges of the Sayans can be translated into Russian as "million of ridges", and that is how I remembered the name of these mountains. In the grey times of long ago, a great catastrophe took place in the Sayan mountains, as they say.  When a terrible hurricane flew in from the direction of the Black Heaven, people and animals who lived in the region left those places, as they say. Places where berries grew were all destroyed, and mighty trees fell uprooted.

One shaman of heavenly origin conducted a ritual to stop the blows of the terrible hurricane, as they say. But suddenly a powerful  gust of the wind tore out the drumstick-paddle from the shaman's right hand.

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Mongush Borakhovich Kenin-Lopsan, translated by Heda Jindrak

The main researcher of khoomei, ethnomusicologist Zoya Kyrgys receives birthday greetings

The main researcher of khoomei, ethnomusicologist Zoya Kyrgys receives birthday greetingsToday,  Doctor of culturology, one of the chief researchers of the unique art of throat-singing, Zoya Kyrgysovna Kyrgys, is receiving birthday greetings. The founder and permanent head of the International  scientific Center "Khoomei", she dedicated the major part of her life to the study of Tuvan throat-singing.  Her monograph "Tuvan throat-singing" is also dedicated to this vocal phenomenon of Central Asian nomads; it is the final result of  25years of work, many field expeditions, as well as experiments in laboratories of Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, and New York.

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translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuva will hold the first "Tevek " championship on the Maslenitsa (carnival)

On March 6, the Maslenitsa festivities will take place in the national park with all the necessary  attributes of  seeing off the Winter:  Russian folk games and contests, including a competition in the fastest eating of pancakes. There will be a pillar with a prize all the way on the top, and the burning of Maslenitsa effigy. The example of  last year, when the Maslenitsa and Shagaa (Lunar new Year) fell to the same date and a competition in "tevek" was held,  turned out to be infectious. It was decided to continue the tradition this year. Only the status of the competition will be designated as "Championship" in "tevek" - the first in history.

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Info from Aldynai Salchak translated by Heda Jindrak

In Tuva, activists of the "Tos Ertine" (Nine Treasures) project are recognized

In Tuva, activists of the "Tos Ertine" (Nine Treasures) project are recognizedThe results of  the "Nine Treasures" special project, which has truly become national, have now been summarized.

In the words of the curator of this project, the Vice-Chairman of the Government of republic Tyva, Dina Oyun, this was one of the largest Internet and  SMS voting projects on the territory of Tuva. The numbers of the participants exceeded all expectations more than 14 000  SMS messages were sent to the "Tos-Ertine" number.  The snow leopard and "Bizhiktig Khaya" became the leaders of both the SMS and the Internet voting.  "The most important part of this project is that it unites us. Everybody took part - young and old, representatives of all kinds of professions, of municipal agencies", -  Tatiana Ivanitskaya, the representative of  WWF emphasized.

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Info by Galina Murygina, Tuvinskaya Pravda, translated by Heda Jindrak

Activists of "Nine Treasures" ("Tos Ertine") project recognized in Tuva

Activists of  "Nine Treasures" ("Tos Ertine") project recognized in TuvaOn February 24 at the National Museum of Tuva, an event that everybody has been eagerly waiting for will take place: finally, the results of the special project "Nine Treasures" will be presented.

Everybody who participated in the project discovered something he did not know before,, and got an opportunity to see Tuva in a new light. And the scientific worker of the Ubsunur international center of biospheric research, Tatiana Prudnikova is not hiding her interest in the project. Thanks to it, she discovered for herself the nature of an astonishing phenomenon, which is in folk tradition called "charash-dash".  However, our conversation with Tatiana Nikolayevna is not only about "charash-dash".  Even though this is where we'll start.

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Viktoriya Kondrashova, "Tuvinskaya Pravda", translated by Heda Jindrak
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