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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Fundamental Research on Musical Culture of Tuva in the Twentieth Century Ready for Publishing

Famous Tuvan music researcher Valentina Suzukei has finished her multifacetous study of Tuvan music culture in the XXth century. The scientist takes a closer look at the Tuvan musical phenomenon, analyses it in the context of the nomadic world perception, gives a full account of the ritual and labour musical practices, songs, instrumental music, Tuvan traditional instruments, makes a survey of both positive and negative consequences of the attempts to 'adapt' Tuvan music to European standards.

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Dina Oyun

Alash Wowed the Crowd in Brooklyn

Alash wowed the crowd at Barbes in Brooklyn, NY Monday evening, April 16, with their inspired performance of “new old Tuvan music.” Their superior musicianship and fresh new arrangements of ancient Tuvan songs clearly resonated with the audience, who were bouncing in their saddles to Ayan-ool Sam’s demonstration of ezenggileer, a style of singing that imitates of the sound of boots rhythmically tapping silver stirrups. One audience member was even holding imaginary reins.

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Jean Bubbley, photo by Serena Stucke

Alash Ensemble Returns for Two Shows

The throat singing ensemble Alash will bring the unique music of the Central Asian Republic of Tuva to Ithaca this weekend. The group will be performing at the ABC Café and the Community School of Music and Art. The performances will include a question/answer session on Tuvan music, moderated by Sean Quirk, a Wisconsin native who travels with Alash as a translator.
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Pictures from Throatsinging Lands

The Finnish Throatsinging Society, that celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2007, invites all those interested to an international photo exhibition "Pictures from throatsinging lands”, which is to open on April 4 in the the gallery of the Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki. The majority of the pictures are from Tuva.
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Morten Abildsnes

CD-Review: Tyva Ensemble Album Recorded Live in 2000

Musicians and a word about their voices and instruments

The line-up of the Tuva Ensemble has varied since the group was founded in 1988. In 2000 it was represented on a Japan tour by musicians called Mergen Chayan-Khoo, Nachun Choodu, Ayas-ool Danzyryn and Shonchalai Oorzhak with Mrs. Zoya Kyrgys, the head of the Khöömei Centre in Kyzyl,Tuva, and Ms. Kira Sergeyeva. With the exception of Mrs. Kyrgys, these musicians are unknown to me. I was told that Shonchalai Oorzhak is a grand daughter of a khöömei innovator called Oorzhak "Funasital-ool", which I suspect to be a misspelling of Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool, a well-known late master of khöömei.

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Sami Jansson

Por-Bazhyn Archeological Expedition in Tuva Prepared

A large archeological camp in the Tere-Khol district of Tuva is getting ready to host over 1000 people this summer. Preparation works are under way. The camp will be based on the former fish-storage place 8 km away from the Kungurtuk village, administrative center of the Tere-Khol district. A bridge 1250 mtr long made up of 167 chains on the wooden carcasse will link the island with the ancient uyghur fortress to the district territory. Students' recrutement into the summer expedition from universities in Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Kyzyl is also under way.
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Dina Oyun

"Ustuu-Khuree" Festival will be Held on July, 25-29

"Ustuu-Khuree" Live Music Festival will be help on July 25-29, 2007, director of festival Igor Dulush told "Tuva-Online". He noted that the dates for festival are appointed after consulting with Tuva's Kamby-Lama (chief lama), who recommended these days this year.

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Dina Oyun

Tuva-Mongolia Friendship Society Established in Tuva

Voluntary organization for frienship between Tuva and Mongolia "Naiyral" was established in Kyzyl. Constituent assembly for the new organization with participants from Tuva and Mongolia - residents of settlements near border - was held in Aldan-Maadyr (60 heroes) National Museum in Kyzyl.

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Dina Oyun

Finnish Throatsinging Society is celebrating 10th anniversary

Finnish Throatsinging Society will have an exhibition "Photos from throatsinging lands” in April. People who have visited Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakassia etc. are welcome to send their best shots. From these shots 40 best ones will be chosen and will be put onto the walls of the gallery of Finnish Environment Central (tän ottasin pois: in April). Send your best shots to: Deadline is 15th of March.
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Sauli Heikkilä

Moscow Tuvans to Celebrate Shagaa in Early March

Shagaa, a new year according to the Lunar Calendar, is celebrated throughout a whole month after its first day. Tuvan new year in Moscow will be a special event on March 3 for a numerous Tuvan diaspore based in the Russian capital. Famous Tuvan singer Andrei Mongush, Chirgilchin group and other Tuvan stars are expected to perform in the Moscow Shagaa festival.

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Dina Oyun
Event announces

1) 01.09.2019: Day of historic Memory and Dignity of Tuvan volunteers who perished in the 2nd World war (Tuva, Russia)

2) 07.09.2019: The Day of Kyzyl city (Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia)

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