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Kyzyl-Moscow Festival Opens Today

alt A press-conference which will take place today at 2.00 p.m. at a Euro-Asian club 'Legend' will present to journalists a full 3-day program of Tuvan music in the Russian capital. 5 hours later the third Kyzyl-Mocsow festival will open in the Central House of Artists concert-hall with young 'Saradak' throat-singers aged from 9 to 14 and legendary 'Tyva' Ensemble on stage. Tuvan performers came to Moscow yesterday by train. The other festival days are Novemver 16 and 17 will be held in the cultural 'Dom' centre, Georgi Beletsky, festival's director, told Tuva-Online.
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Dina Oyun

Young Actors from Tuva to Perform in Moscow

The Children's Theatre from Kyzyl, headed by Ailana Chadamba, is performing today in Moscow. Young Tuvan actors are going to perform the musical play 'Small Hero'. The Kyzyl Children's Theatre has already been awarded with a special prize for masterful interpretation of this fairy tale at the Delphic Games last year in Krasnoyarsk.
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Sayana Mongush

Buddhist Temple to Be Built in Tuva's Village

A Buddhist temple will be built in Tuva's village of Teve-Khaia (Camel's Cliff), Sut-Hol District. The building site (soubourgan) was opened, with first stone laid for the future Buddhist temple - huree on November, 8.

Money for the construction of the Buddhist temple was collected during a marathon held in Teve-Haia in May 2006. A total of $2.5 thousand was picked up.

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Dina Oyun

Russian Capital to Host Kyzyl-Moscow Festival

Saradak group from Tuva One of the focal points for ethnic music indigenous to the Asian part of Russia is the yearly Kyzyl-Moscow festival, which opens for the third time on Tuesday. Featuring several nights of concerts at the Central House of Artists and the Dom Cultural Center, the festival focuses on the music of the peoples of southern central Siberia, with a spotlight on Tuvan music -- Kyzyl, which gives the festival its name, is the capital of the Tuva republic.
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Tuvan Ballet-Dancer Touring in USA

Merited artist of Tuva and Buryatia Mengilen Sat is these days performing in Arizona within a 2-months-tour in USA of the Moscow Ballet. 'It is extremely hot here, - Mengilen confessed to Tuva-Online. - I have been taking sun baths!' The Moscow Ballet will tour 70 cities this holiday season with a 'Nutcracker'.
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Dina Oyun

Prayer Drum Open for Rotating

Prayer Drum in Kyzyl. Photo by Vitali Shaifulin The first Buddhist prayer drum installed into a small 'house' has been open for public at large on Arat Square in Kyzyl near the fountain complex. The drum faces the buildings of the Government, Parliament of Tuva, and Drama Theatre surrounding the central square.

At the opening ceremony Kyzyl mayor Dmitri Dongak and head of the buddist society 'Enerel' (Compassion) Aneta Bodur-Oorzhak spoke to those present.

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Sayana Mongush, Dina Oyun

Throat-Singing Workshop in Minneapolis

A very special workshop in throat-singing will take place in Minneapolis (USA)November 10. Bernard Dubreuil (overtone singer, musician, therapist) and Steve Sklar (leading Western throat-Singer and instructor) will teach techniques for both client-and-self healing using a combination of energy techniques, including the creation and direction of vocal harmonics to direct energy and to modulate Shiatsu and other energetic modalities.

They will also demonstrate the use of the didgeridoo for sound energy


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Dina Oyun

HRPAC's Atrium Series Begins with Tuvan Band Huun-Huur-tu

Ever since the Hudson Riverfront Performing Arts Center began its free lunchtime concert series in the atrium of the UBS Financial Center on Harbor Boulevard, there has been a wide diversity of musical styles and talents.

However, to kick off their 2006-07 UBS Atrium Series, HRPAC is bringing perhaps its most unique concert to date.

The Asian group Huun Huur Tu will perform Wednesday, beginning at 12:30 p.m.

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Tuvan Writer Presents his New Book in America

Blue Sky by Galsan Tschinag Today within author events held on Sundays at Elliot Bay Tuvan writer Galsan Tschinag (born in Mongolia) will present his new book 'Blue Sky' to American audience. Here is an introduction to it from the part of the Elliott Bay Book Company: "We have had many translated programs before, but never one where the writer's native tongue is Tuvan and the language most translated here will be from the German to English, as his writing language is German. Galsan Tschinag, known in his native Tuvan as Irgit Schynykbajoglu Dshueukuwaa, is a Tuvan chief, a singer, storyteller, poet, and novelist—the author of over thirty books.
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Dina Oyun

Throat Singing Workshop and Performance at Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum invites singers and non-singers alike to a throat singing workshop with internationally touring Tuvan throat singers Chirgilchin on Wednesday, November 8 at 7 p.m. in the Erie Art Museum Annex. Cost is $5 per person. Workshop attendees will receive a $5 off tickets to Chirgilchin’s Nov. 9 performance.
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