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"Ustuu-Khuree" Festival will be Held on July, 25-29

"Ustuu-Khuree" Live Music Festival will be help on July 25-29, 2007, director of festival Igor Dulush told "Tuva-Online". He noted that the dates for festival are appointed after consulting with Tuva's Kamby-Lama (chief lama), who recommended these days this year.

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Dina Oyun

Tuva-Mongolia Friendship Society Established in Tuva

Voluntary organization for frienship between Tuva and Mongolia "Naiyral" was established in Kyzyl. Constituent assembly for the new organization with participants from Tuva and Mongolia - residents of settlements near border - was held in Aldan-Maadyr (60 heroes) National Museum in Kyzyl.

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Dina Oyun

Finnish Throatsinging Society is celebrating 10th anniversary

Finnish Throatsinging Society will have an exhibition "Photos from throatsinging lands” in April. People who have visited Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakassia etc. are welcome to send their best shots. From these shots 40 best ones will be chosen and will be put onto the walls of the gallery of Finnish Environment Central (tän ottasin pois: in April). Send your best shots to: Deadline is 15th of March.
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Sauli Heikkilä

Moscow Tuvans to Celebrate Shagaa in Early March

Shagaa, a new year according to the Lunar Calendar, is celebrated throughout a whole month after its first day. Tuvan new year in Moscow will be a special event on March 3 for a numerous Tuvan diaspore based in the Russian capital. Famous Tuvan singer Andrei Mongush, Chirgilchin group and other Tuvan stars are expected to perform in the Moscow Shagaa festival.

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Dina Oyun

Rare Works on Tuva in New Anthology Initiated by Russian Minister

The first volume of Tuvan anthology under the name 'Uraankhay. Tyva depter" (Uraankhay is an old name for Tuva in the early 20th century. Tuvan Notebooks) is released by Moscow Editorial House 'Slovo'. The edition is initiated and sponsored by Russian minister, native Tuvan Sergei Shoigu. The first book of the anthology in 7 volumes is introduced by Sergei Shoigu, a word of welcome is given also by Nikita Mikhalkov, famous Russian film-maker, head of the Russian Culture Foundation. The whole anthology embraces the period from 5-6 century A.C. to the Tannu-Tuva republic in early 20th century. It contains the rare works on Tuva which are now in 1 copy kept in the largest Russian libraries and almost unavailable to the majority of Tuvan people.

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Dina Oyun

American Connoisseur of Tuvan Language Worried at Disappearance of Languages

Speakers of thousands of the world's languages are now abandoning their ancestral tongues at an unprecedented rate. What is lost when a language dies? And what are the implications?

"Languages are the repository of thousands of years of a people's science and art - from observations of ecological patterns to creation myths," says Swarthmore College linguist K. David Harrison, who spoke this weekend at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting held this month in San Francisco.

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Shagaa Expected in Tuva

alt The new year is to come to Tuva tomorrow at dawn. Since 1991 Shagaa (movable according to the Lunar Calendar) and the Day of the Republic (August, 15) have been celebrated officially after decades of oblivion. The date is calculated by lamas, the exact Shagaa time is defined from a person's palm. As soon as the palm lines are visible the new year is considered to have come. This year it is the Red Pig awaited.
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Dina Oyun, Sayana Mongush

Ruined Uyghur Fortress in Tuva to Host a Large-Scale Archeological Expedition

Sergei Shoigu, photo by Valeri Irgit Tuva is going to turn into an archeological Mekka from this year on. A large-scale archeological expedition is going to start this summer in an ancient fortress on a Tere-Khol lake ireland, project initiator, Russian minister for Emergencies Sergei Shoigu told Tuvan journalists in an online video press-conference connecting Kyzyl and Moscow. He confirmed the plans to start excavations in Tuva. This year a camp will host 800 people in total - 200 students and scientists in 4 turns. Shoigu answering journalists' questions told a story of his own discovery of Por-Bazhyn - Clay Town in Tuvan - on the Tere-Khol lake.
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Dina Oyun

Chirgilchin to Host two-week Throatsinging "CAMP in Tuva" in August 2007

A visit to Chirgilchin's website brings the exciting announcement of a throatsinging camp to be held from August 13-26, 2007. CAMP in TUVA is being presented to twelve individuals from around the world, and will offer not only throatsinging master classes but offer exposure to many different cultural opportunities.
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Tuvan Female Throat Singing Group to Perform in Seattle

Tyva Kyzy female throat-singing ensemble performs today as part of a panel presentation on traditional Tuvan culture at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, 1400 E. Prospect St. Free. 6 p.m. Thurs. Jan. 25, and in a full-scale concert at Meany Hall, UW campus, 543-4880, 8 p.m. Sat. Jan. 27.
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Seattle Weekly
Event announces

1) ENDS TOMORROW: IV International Khoomei Festival, devoted to the 60th anniversary of People's Khoomeizhi Kongar-ool Ondar (Kyzyl, Tuva)

2) 01.09.2022: Day of memory and honour of Tuvan volunteers who fighted against fascism (Tuva)

3) 01.11.2022: Day of Tuvan language (Tuva)

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