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Tuvan Choreographer Becomes Miss Krasnoyarsk 2007 Producer

The organizing committee of the tenth annual beauty contest "Miss Krasnoyarsk Miss Centre of Asia show staged by Vyacheslav Dongak 2007" has charged Tuvan choreographer Vyacheslav Dongak with production, Tuva-Online news agency reports.

"We like his ability to show and take into consideration individual features of every participant, to choose plastics for each of them correctly. Moreover, he can organize and present a beautiful show for viewers," Regina Kuzmenko, the Vice President of Krasnoyarsk Aerobics and Fitness Federation, believes.

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Russian Beauty Contest to Be Held in Kyzyl

Russian Beauty Contest in 2005. Photo from Risk-inform news-paper site The Fourth Russian Beauty Contest is to be held in Kyzyl on December 23. Girls aged from 14 to 25 are invited to take part in it. The Russian Beauty compliments another beauty contest in Tuva, the annual Dangyna, in which top places are usually taken by Tuvan girls. The better part of pretenders in both contests are schoolgirls under 16.

In 2004 the Second Russian Beauty was accompanied by a scandal.

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Dina Oyun

Uyghur Fortress in Tuva to Be Restored

A unique ancient Uigur fortress (dates back to 8 century A.C.) on an ireland in the middle of Tere-Khol (there is another Tere-Khol lake in the southern part of Tuva bordering Mongolia) lake is going to be restored.
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Dina Oyun

Yat-Kha's Leader to Write a Soundtrack for a Film about Chingiskhaan

Albert Kuvezin, world-famous Yat-kha group leader, signed a contract for a soundtrack of 'On Chigiskhaan's Will' film, IA Regnum reports. The film is based on a novel by Yakut writer Nikolai Luginov. The film crew headed by Andrei Borisov, famous Yakut theatre director and culture minister in the Yakut government, this summer had been filming in Tuva.
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Triumph of Tuvan Throat Singers in Moscow

Tyva ensemble. Photo by Alisa Burmistrova Legendary 'Tyva' ensemble opened a 3-day program of the Third Kyzyl-Moscow Festival in the Central House of Artists concert hall. The third generation of the 'Tyva' Ensemble turned out to be none the worse its first outstanding ten. 'Tyva', founded in late eighties in cooperation of ethnomusicologist Zoya Kyrgyz with remarkable throat singer from Oviur, Gennady Tumat, was a pioneer in ensemble throat singing in Tuva. Ten singers of the Tyva ensemble set a new ensemble mode which is nowadays wide-spread in Tuva.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Singer Sainkho Performed in London Jazz Festival

Russians are not only the world's toughest people but also the most talkative, which explains why this exotic 12-piece ensemble didn't take the stage until 11pm. (And probably why, America having recruited Germany's H-bomb experts slightly faster than they did, we are not all speaking Russian today.)
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Kyzyl-Moscow Festival Opens Today

alt A press-conference which will take place today at 2.00 p.m. at a Euro-Asian club 'Legend' will present to journalists a full 3-day program of Tuvan music in the Russian capital. 5 hours later the third Kyzyl-Mocsow festival will open in the Central House of Artists concert-hall with young 'Saradak' throat-singers aged from 9 to 14 and legendary 'Tyva' Ensemble on stage. Tuvan performers came to Moscow yesterday by train. The other festival days are Novemver 16 and 17 will be held in the cultural 'Dom' centre, Georgi Beletsky, festival's director, told Tuva-Online.
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Dina Oyun

Young Actors from Tuva to Perform in Moscow

The Children's Theatre from Kyzyl, headed by Ailana Chadamba, is performing today in Moscow. Young Tuvan actors are going to perform the musical play 'Small Hero'. The Kyzyl Children's Theatre has already been awarded with a special prize for masterful interpretation of this fairy tale at the Delphic Games last year in Krasnoyarsk.
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Sayana Mongush

Buddhist Temple to Be Built in Tuva's Village

A Buddhist temple will be built in Tuva's village of Teve-Khaia (Camel's Cliff), Sut-Hol District. The building site (soubourgan) was opened, with first stone laid for the future Buddhist temple - huree on November, 8.

Money for the construction of the Buddhist temple was collected during a marathon held in Teve-Haia in May 2006. A total of $2.5 thousand was picked up.

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Dina Oyun

Russian Capital to Host Kyzyl-Moscow Festival

Saradak group from Tuva One of the focal points for ethnic music indigenous to the Asian part of Russia is the yearly Kyzyl-Moscow festival, which opens for the third time on Tuesday. Featuring several nights of concerts at the Central House of Artists and the Dom Cultural Center, the festival focuses on the music of the peoples of southern central Siberia, with a spotlight on Tuvan music -- Kyzyl, which gives the festival its name, is the capital of the Tuva republic.
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1) 15.08.2019: Tuvan Republic Day (Tuva)

2) 16.08.2019 - 18.08.2019: 3d International Festival 'Khoomei in the center of Asia' (Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia)

3) 01.09.2019: Day of historic Memory and Dignity of Tuvan volunteers who perished in the 2nd World war (Tuva, Russia)

4) 07.09.2019: The Day of Kyzyl city (Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia)

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