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WWF proposes to Russian businessmen to "adopt" the snow leopard

Experts from WWF, after the discovery of total numbers of red Book snow leopards who live  on the territory of pastures of south-west Tuva, are turning to members of Russian business community  with a plea to "adopt" the irbis.

Voluntary contributions by the "adoptive parents" will help to compensate herders for losses of livestock to attacks of the predator, to discourage the herders from killing the animals, as RIA Novosti was told by the press-secretary of Altai-Sayan project of WWF in Russia, Tatiana Ivanitskaya.

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RIA Novosti, translated by Heda Jindrak

New book by a Tuvan scholar about spiritual-cultural ties of Eurasian nomadism

New book by a Tuvan scholar about spiritual-cultural ties of Eurasian nomadismMoscow publishing house "MOBY Publishing" released a book by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of TuvGU, Nikolai Abayev 'Influence of Tengrianism on ecologic culture and ethnogenesis of Turko-Mongol people of Altai-Baikal region".

The book is meant for all who are interested in the history of culture and religion of Turko-Mongol people of Central Asia and Sayan-Altai.
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Alexandr Filatenko, translated by Heda Jindrak

Student from Tuva at home in Brewton

Student from Tuva at home in BrewtonImagine being over 5,000 miles away from your home and meeting and living with a family you do not know for a year.
That is just what Russian exchange student Mariya “Masha” Madyrova, 17, is doing here in Brewton.
“Masha is a unique name,” she said. “Usually in Russia we have official names and short names. Masha is short name off of Mariya.”
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Sergei Shoigu: "It is incredibly interesting to study one's own native country."

Sergei Shoigu: "It is incredibly interesting to study one's own native country."A presentation of photo-album "Black and White Tuva. Unfinished history…", which was published on the initiative of Sergei Shoigu with the support of Russian Geographic Society, took place at the National Museum of Tuva. The event had additional ceremonial aura because of the presence of artists from the National theatre of Music and Drama in historical costumes; Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, National khoomeiji, played the igil. Huge numbers of photographs from personal archives of travelers and residents of Tuva were collected in the album, but the majority belongs to the first director of Tuvan State Museum Vladimir Yermolayev.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak, photo by Vitali Shaifulin

Funeral of Alexandra Shoigu in Moscow

Today in Moscow there is a memorial for Alexandra Yakovlevna Shoigu, whose life has been connected with Tuva and its people for many years. She will be buried at Troyekurovskoye Cemetery next to her husband - Kuzhuget Sergeyevich Shoigu. Many representatives of Tuvan diaspora will be participating in the ceremony, including members of Sergei Shoigu's party and family friends. The head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool has been supporting Sergei Kuzhugetovich at this difficult time.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuva Buddhists ask Russian Foreign Ministry to issue visa to Dalai Lama

The Association of the Buddhists of Tuva (OBT) has sent an open letter addressed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, asking him to grant a Russian entry visa to the Dalai Lama.
The letter, posted on the website of the Center for Tibetan Culture and Information, has been signed by Kamby Lama (the head of Tuvan Buddhists) Nikolay Kuular and OBT administration Chairman Buyan Sandyk. Over the past 20 years, since the only visit by the Dalai Lama to the republic, many temples, prayer houses, stupas and prayer wheels have been erected here, the authors said.
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Almost 2000 people in Tuva suffered in 1930-1950 from political repressions

Almost 2000 people in Tuva suffered in 1930-1950 from political repressionsA meeting dedicated to the victims of political repressions was held today by the Monument of the Undefeated Arat in the capital of Tuva. 10-20 meters from the monument, there is a one-story grey wooden building, which today contains a museum of political repressions. Its history is closely related to this tragic page in the history of Tuva. In the basement of this house, by the burning-hot stove, confessions were extracted from the accused.

Altogether, according to the data collected by the scholars, 1036 people were sentenced in Tuva in association with the repressions, and 132 of them were given the maximum punishment. In the neighboring Mongolia, 25785 people were sentenced in 1937-39, out of which 20039 were shot.

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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

New chairman elected to Turkic-speaking countries' media union

New chairman elected to Turkic-speaking countries' media unionThe Coordination Centre of Turkic-speaking media outlets has been formed in Baku today.
The decision was made at the Second Media Forum of Turkic-Speaking Countries.

The local committees for individual countries and societies were also formed. Chairmen of local committees were automatically elected members of the Coordinating Council.

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Tuvans in China

Tuvans in ChinaTuvans in China live in the Altai aimak of Xinjiang -Uighur autonomous region of Chinese People's Republic, in picturesque mountains and steppes of the Altai Mountains. This territory borders in the north with Russia, in the west - Kazakhstan, and  east - with Mongolia.

Representatives of various ethnic backgrounds mingle in the Altai aimak: Chinese, Kazakhs, Dunkans, Mongols, Uighurs. Many Kazakhs can be counted in the compact Tuvan settlements (Ak-Khaba, Khanas, Khom, Ala-Khaak, Kok-Dogai).
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Zhanna Yusha, Tuvinskaya pravda,, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tibetan lamas will construct a sand mandala in Tuva

Tibetan lamas will construct a sand mandala in TuvaA group of 20 monks arrived in Kyzyl from Tibetan Gyudmed monastery, which was founded 600 years ago. The will carry out a cycle of tantric ceremonies here.

It is the largest group of monks of the Yellow religion visiting Tuva. The Dalai-Lama blessed this trip. Two ritual ceremonies will be included in the program on his recommendation: ritual of Goddess Tara and  reading of the names of the Buddha Shakyamuni. In his opinion, they will specifically help the development and flowering of  Republic Tuva.

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Albert Khomushku, translated by Heda Jindrak
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