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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters will help to fight fires in Yakutia and Archangelsk region

Tuvan paratroopers-firefighters will help to fight fires in Yakutia and Archangelsk regionToday 25 paratroopers from air forest security of Tuva flew to Yakutia, where there are raging forest fires. 36 of their colleagues, who are fighting forest fires in Republic Komi  since 11 July, will soon be going to Archangelsk region, where they are also having a complicated situation with forest fires. The government of Archangelsk region approached head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool with the request for help in the framework of interregional cooperation and maneuvering of the firefighting forces. The approximate length of the shift will be 20 days.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

Bronze bit was discovered by archeologists in Tuva

Bronze bit was discovered by archeologists in TuvaArcheological excavations along the construction of Kyzyl-Kuragino railway, acting under the grant of Russian Geographical Society are going strong. Every week brings new finds. Scientists found a cast bronze bit, consisting of two parts - a part of horse harness. This find helped the archeologists to determine that the kurgan dates to Scythian era - 9th-6th centuries before our era. The scientists believe that the bit was made specially for the burial.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

Searching for Genghis Khan's tomb in Tuva

Travel notes with thoughts and historical digressions

Searching for Genghis Khan's tomb in TuvaIt is an old truth: if you can't find something, you should look somewhere else.  It is the prose of life: it is useless to look for your keys in your purse, if you have left them at home by the mirror, and it is useless to look for your cell phone in your pocket if you have left it in the store. And it is totally  useless to search for Genghis Khan's tomb where it is not. But where should you search?

  • 100
Irina Kachan,, translated by Heda Jindrak

Mongun-Taiga ecologists take part in convention of friends of WWF

Mongun-Taiga ecologists take part in convention of friends of WWFThe first convention of Clubs of Friends of WWF - regional ecological associations of adults and children, working under the aegis of WWF for protection of nature just concluded on 10 July at lake Teletskoye (republic Altai).

For the first time participants from Mongun-taiga kozhuun of Tuva  joined the eco-movement of Clubs of Friends of WWF. Schoolchildren and teachers from middle school No.1 of Mugur-Aksy traveled several hundred kilometers over a mountain pass to share their experience of organizing eco-education as children's ecology club "Rostok".

  • 80
Tatiana Ivanitskaya, WWF, translated by Heda Jindrak

106 Years from the Birth of Ethnographer Leonid Potapov. "Living Treasure of Shamanism" Laureate.

Leonid Pavlovich Potapov, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor, Merited Scholar of Russian Federation and Tuvinian ASSR, Laureate of Stalin and State prizes of USSR. Today marks the 106th anniversary of the scholar's birth. The 100th anniversary of the legendary ethnographer was celebrated modestly in 2005 - only in the narrow circle of scholars in Altai, the researcher's native country.

  • 80
Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

Financial reward offered for information about musical instruments stolen from Tuvan musicians in the USA

Financial reward offered for information about musical instruments stolen from Tuvan musicians in the USAThe history of musical instruments stolen from Tuvan ethno-group "Alash" has not died down after their departure from the USA. The police of Albuquerque (New Mexico) offered a reward of $1000 for any information about the perpetrators and the stolen items. Today, the vice-mayor of the city, Tito Madrid notified about it the producer of the group, Sean Quirk and the Ministry of Culture of Tuva. Mr. Madrid offered apologies in the name of the mayor of Albuquerque and expressed confidence that with the help of the citizens, who are no less incensed about the incident, the stolen items will be found and returned to their owners.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

Tuva announces a contest to create a new national anthem

Ministry of culture of Tuva announced the start of a contest to compose a new state national anthem of the republic. The decision was made today by a task-group created by the government of RT, which includes composers and culture workers of the republic. As the Minister of culture of Tuva Vyacheslav Dongak announced, the group will be accepting works for the contest until 11 July. No later than 15 July the selected alternatives of the anthem will be presented to the government of the republic for review.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

International Felt Festival in Tuva

International Felt Festival in TuvaIn Tuva, along with celebrations of the 90thanniversary of Tuvan Statehood, there will also be the International Felt Festival - felt is a cultic material for nomadic nations.

It will take place on 13-15 August in Kyzyl. This was annou8nced today by the Ministry of Culture of Tuva, the organizer of the celebrations.

The entire festival will be designed around felt products and the ancient craft of their manufacture.

  • 100, photo by Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

Medals for faithful and loving Tuvan couples

Medals for faithful and loving Tuvan couples Plenipotentiary representative office of Republic Tyva in Moscow is sending to Tuva a set of medals "For love and fidelity" of the Foundation  of Socio-cultural initiatives, headed by wife of  President of Russia, Svetlana Medvedeva,  to be given to50 Tuvan families during celebrations of the Day of the family, love and fidelity.

This Russian holiday originated thanks to Prince Petr of Murom and his wife Fevronia, who lived in 13th century and became models of spousal fidelity, mutual love and family happiness already during their lives. This family couple is worshipped by Orthodox Christians as protectors of the family and marriage.  According to legend, Petr and Fevronia died on the same day - 25 June (8 July in new style calendar) 1228.

  • 80
Chimiza Lamajaa, translated by Heda Jindrak

Not like everybody else. Part III

Not like everybody else. Part III-  Sainkho, if somebody addresses you as Lyudmila, will you respond?

-  Certainly not. I don't react to that name anymore. And the audience won't react either. If somebody hangs up a poster: Lyudmila Namtchylak, nobody will understand anything.

-  Why did you pick precisely this name as your stage pseudonym?

-   A woman of that name used to live in Kyzyl - Sainkho Darzhayevna Dorzhu. She was a dancer, and later, after she retired, she worked in the Union of Theatre artists.  Charming, kind, woman. I liked both her and the combination of the sounds of her rare name.

And when it became necessary to have a mysterious, exotic-sounding name which would reflect what I was doing on the stage, that is what I chose.  The process of getting used to my new name began in 1986: in Krasnodar,  they  gave me the certificate already  as Sainkho.

  • 100
Nadezhda Antufieva, translated by Heda Jindrak
Event announces

1) 05.06.2020: the 15th Lunar day of the Holy buddist Month Saka Dava (it starts on the 23th of May, end on the 21th of June), during which good deeds are multiplied. (Tuva, Buryatia, Kalmykia)

2) 06.06.2020: Pushkin Day, the Day of Russian language (Russia)

3) 12.06.2020: Day of Russia (Russia)

4) 14.06.2020: Birthday of Kind Hearts of Tuva's leader Artysh Mongush (Tuva)

5) 06.07.2020: Birthday of Dalai-Lama the 16th

6) 18.07.2020: Birthday of the Head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool (Tuva)

7) 15.08.2020: Day of the Tuva Republic (Tuva)

8) 15.08.2020: 19th anniversary of Tuva-Online News Agency (Tuva)

9) 17.08.2020: Day of Khoomey (Tuva)

10) 01.09.2020: Day of historical memory and dignity of Tuvan volunteers perished in the World War 2, fighting together with the Soviet Union against fascism (Tuva)

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