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» » New Russian Law Prompted by Parliamentary Crisis in Tuva
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New Russian Law Prompted by Parliamentary Crisis in Tuva

The State Duma passed in the first reading on April 18 with 343 votes in favor a bill drafted primarily by lawmakers from the pro-Kremlin Unified Russia that would empower republic heads to dissolve parliaments on the basis of a court ruling should the legislature not convene for its maiden session and begin functioning "effectively" within 30 days of its election. That bill was prompted by the boycott by legislators from the Russian Party of Life (RPZh) whose election last October to the Great Khural of the Republic of Tyva (Tuva) was annulled by a Kyzyl court.

The RPZh, which constituted a majority in the Great Khural, declared a boycott, effectively preventing the parliament from convening for six months .

"Kommersant" quoted Viktor Kuznetsov (KPRF) as branding the bill "purely political" and part of the ongoing power struggle between Unified Russia and the A Just Russia party headed by Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov. Nikolai Pavlov (A Just Russia) argued for his part that it would only serve as grist to the mills of those Western politicians who consistently argue that Russia is becoming an authoritarian state. "A person who has not been elected [meaning republic heads, who have since late 2004 been appointed by President Putin, not directly elected] will acquire the right to dissolve a parliament that citizens have elected," Pavlov protested.

The North Caucasus website on April 18 solicited comments from regional parliamentarians that proved overwhelmingly negative. Stavropol Krai duma speaker Mikhail Kuzmin termed the bill "yet another act of stupidity" on the part of the national legislature and advocated "consigning it to the trashcan." Adam Bogus, a member of the Republic of Adygeya State Council, argued that the concept of "effectiveness" is subjective. He added that only the Russian president, who is directly elected, should have the power to dissolve a regional parliament. Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, chairman of the lower chamber of the Chechen parliament, said the bill ignores the "the existence of such a concept as federalism" and gives the impression that its authors acquired their education not in Soviet schools, but in London or Washington.

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