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All Casinos Closed in Tuva

Gambling business ceased to exist in the Republic of Tuva. The law "About prohibition of gambling business in the Republic of Tuva" signed by Tuva's President Sholban Kara-ool on June 18 came into effect on July 1, the Tuvan Government spokesperson Roksana Pyuryuna reported.

"On July 1 police officers of the republican interior department together with tax police and Kyzyl executives held raids around all the gambling establishments.

The checkup showed that all the casinos and slot-machine halls had been closed down, no breaches of the law were revealed," Pyuryuna reported.

There were 1,306 slot-machines and 102 gambling establishments in the Republic of Tuva, according to the spokesperson. Of those 1,118 slot-machines and 71 gambling establishments were situated in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. "It has not been the last raid. We plan to hold one more large-scale checkup of gambling establishments in the nearest future. The issue is under control of Ministry for Internal Affairs and the Tuvan Government," she added.

The bill about prohibition of gambling was passed by the Legislative Chamber of the Great Khural of the Republic of Tuva on May 30. It was approved by the upper chamber of the parliament and signed by head of the republic on June 18.
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