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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Schoolboy Rescued from Broken Ice

The rescue team of the Tuvan Ministry of Emergency Measures had to rescue a thirteen year-old schoolboy from a broken ice flow on the Yenisei. Rescuers Igor Eluskov and Alexey Malyshev caught up with the boy on the western border of the city.
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Sayana Mongush

Sayana Mongush is Prize-Winner of the 'Stop Violence' Journalist Contest

Today the results of the First National Competition of Russian Press "We Shall Stop Violence Together!" have been announced. The ceremony was held in the Marble Hall of the House of Journalists of Russia in Moscow. As the organizers confessed, such an interest in the contest was a surprise to them.
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Dina Oyun

Alexandr Svintsov Appointed Vice-Chairman of the Government

Alexandr Svintsov has been appointed as the new Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Construction of Tuva, in the stead of Eugeny Oserdtsov, who left the post due to health problems. Alexandr Svitsov is thirty-four years old and is an ex-businessman.
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Sayana Mongush

Sherig-ool Oorzhak Yielded the Results of the Economic Development of the Republic and Announced the tasks for the New Year

Yesterday, at the extraordinary joint session of the two chambers of the Great Khural of the Republic of Tuva, the Chairman of the Government delivered his annual message to the Parliament. According to Sherig-ool Oorzhak, 2002 was a crucial year for Tuva.
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Dina Oyun

Head of Tuvan Shamans Turns 78

Today the well-known ethnographer, Doctor of Historical Sciences, and merited Tuvan writer Mongush Borakhovich Mongush turned 78 years old. He was born on a shepherd's campsite in a picturesque place called Khondergei in the Dzun-Khem district to a poor arat family.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Prime Minister's Income in 2002 was 455,840 rubles (approx. 15,000 dollars)

The Press-Service of the Prime Minister of the Tuvan Government, Sherig-ool Oorzhak, has submitted the tax Declaration. In accordance with the declaration, the Prime Minister received during the last year 455,840 rubles (approx. 15,000 dollars) for his position. Other sources of his income have not been specified.
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Sayana Mongush

Sayana Mongush (Tuva-Online) is Awarded with the Prize

Within the framework of the Festival of Russian Press, celebrated all over Russia, the head of the Tuvan Parliament Sholban Kara-ool received the most prominent Tuvan journalists and greeted them on behalf of the Tuvan deputies.
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Dina Oyun

Sholban Kara-ool, 36 will Compete with Sherig-ool Oorzhak, 60 for the Highest Post in the Republic

The council of the "Yedinstwo" (Unity) party has defined its candidate for the Prime-Minister elections which will take place in Tuva March 17, 2002. According to the new constitution of Tuva the Presidential post in Tuva is substituted by the Head of the Government. The main candidate of "Yedinstwo" (one of the most numerous parties in Russia) will be Sholban Kara-ool.
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Sayana Mongush

7 out of 18 Heads of the District Militia Departments are Fined

The annual meeting of the high ranking militia officials with the participation of the Republican Prosecutor and the representative of the State Security Body (FSB) took place in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The results of the Tuvan militia work in 2001 were on the agenda.
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Dina Oyun

Construction of New Schools and Living Houses Finished on the New Year Eve

The construction of three new buildings was completed on the very eve of the New Year. A new school 240-pupils' strong will begin functioning in 2002 in the village of Bert-Dag (Tes-khem distict) A new school was also opened in the village of Boyarovka. And 35 families will move into new flats of the new house in 2002 in Kyzyl.
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Dina Oyun
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