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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuva has Met the Blue Monkey Year

Today with the first sun rays the Year of the Blue Monkey came to Tuva. The festivities devoted to Shagaa take place on the main square of the city. As the shamans predict the year will be a sunny one full of happy events.
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Sayana Mongush

Nomadic Expedition to Tuva in Summer 2004

Laurent Paucot a french throat-singer, who visited Tuva summer last year and was awarded the title "Discovery of the Festival Ustuu-Huree", was so carried away by Tuva ad this visit that started an interenational project related to this beautiful place in the very centre of Asia. He invites everybody interested in this prject to contribute to it: During the festival, I met Galina Munzuk, the daughter of the famous actor in Tuva, Maxim Munzuk. He played in the KurosawaЂs film "Dersou Ouzala" in 1976. Since October 2003, IЂm doing a research about her father. He went to France in 1976 and 1987 to many festivals to present the Film to the French public. I started to collect articles and pictures from newЂs papers and cinema magazins published in 1976 during the film festival of Paris. Unfortunately Galina Munzuk and the people of Tuva never had access to all these documents.
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Dina Oyun

Written Heritage of Turcs is in the Centre of the Scholars' Attention

International Symposium 'Written Heritage of Turcs' has opened up today in Kyzyl. It is devoted to the 110 th anniversary of the deciphering of the ancient turcs runes. Within the program of the Symposium is the presentation of the book "Kultegin: Poetry of the Eternal Stone'
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Sayana Mongush

Second International Shamanic Symposium Takes Place in Tuva

Night ceremony on the Khaiyrykan mountain. 2003. Photo by Daniel Allgoewer Night shamanic ceremony on the sacred Khaiyrakan (Bear) mountain which ended at dawn with the first sunrays opened the Second Shamanic Symposium in Tuva with over 60 practitioners and scientists from all over the world taking part in it. The delegation of Western shamans is headed by Roswitha and Paul Uccusic (Austria). Tuvan shamans from different shamanic societis are receving their colleagues. An international camp has been set up on the Khaiyrykan mountain.
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Dina Oyun

Days of Saint-Petersboug has Opened in Tuva

Today the cultural Festival 'Days of Saint-Peterbourg' has opened up in Kyzyl. They are sponsored by new senator of Tuva Ludmila Narusova, native of Leningrad. Within the program of the festival schientific conference on archaelogy, exhibitions and concerts of Saint-Petersbourg's stars.
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Dina Oyun

Moscovite Vyacheslav Ondar is awarded with the title "Merited Worker of Public Health Services of the Republic".

Well-known Tuvan traumatologist Vyacheslav Ondar, who moved to Moscow ten years ago, was awarded with the title "Merited Worker of Public Health Services of the Republic". This is a late acknowledgement of his contribution to the health service development of Tuva, where he has worked without praise for twenty years. He is known as a doctor with 'golden hands'.
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Sayana Mongush

5% Increase of General Livestock in Tuva

The Ministry of Agriculture of Tuva has obtained the results of the agricultural year on the eve of Naadym, the main festival of cattle breeders. The year was considered to be a success due to the 5% increase of general livestock in the Republic as compared to last years numbers. There are now 887,000 heads of cattle. A record was set by a shepherd from Bai-Taiga, Choigan Biche-ool, who yielded 151 lambs for every 100 ewes. This number blew away the average figure in the Republic, which was shown to be 70 lambs from 100 ewes (last year--61). During the Naadym festivities the best shepherds will be presented with cars
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Dina Oyun

Electric Model of the River System Helps to Predict Floods

An electric model of the river system of the Republic was created in the Tuvan Institute of Complex Natural Resources Development of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The work was done by Tuvan scientists within the framework of the republican program Power Resources of the Republic of Tuva. The newly created system makes it possible to predict the development of various hydrological processes in various climatic situations.
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Dina Oyun

Two Villages Swelled and Flooded

Due to torrential rains during the last ten days, the Elegest and Durgen Rivers have swelled and flooded two settlements in Tuva-- the Elegest villiage and the Bai-Khaak villiage, located in two neighboring districts, Chedi Khol and Todzha. Last night more than six hundred people were evacuated from those villiages by helicopter. In the first villiage seventy-three children and around fifty adults were rescued from rooftops and other high places. In the second villiage five hundred local residents had to abandon their homes.
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Dina oyun

Ubsu-Nuur Biospheric Reserve is in the List of Monuments of the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

The Ubsu-Nuur Biospheric Reserve located on the border with Mongolia has been included into a list of monuments of the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO. On its territory there are over a thousand kinds of plants and over three hundred species of rare birds which are included in the Red Book of Russia. Among the eighty kinds of mammals are unique snow leopards, a cat-manul, northern deer, and mountain goats.
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Sayana Mongush
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6) 06.06.2023: Russian Language Day - Pushkin's Day

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