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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

A New CD of Tuvan Folk Music is Under Preparation

A new cd of Tuvan folk music is under preparation. The album, prepared by the Scientific Center ЂKhoomeiЂ, will contain unique recordings of the master throat-singers of Tuva, most of who are no longer alive. Some of the artists featured are, Marzhymal Ondar, Oorzhak Khunashtar-ool, Soruktu Kyrgys, Oleg Kuular, Gennady Tumat, Gennady Chash, and Andrei Chuldum-ool.
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Dina oyun

Mayour Elections

Today the lottery for the free space in the municipal newspapers among the candidates for the post of mayor of Kyzyl took place. The contenders for the position, who officially registered are, philosopher Vladimir Bagai-ool, Deputy Chairman of the Tuvan Government Victor Vusaty, Deputy Chairman of the Tuvan Government Dmitiri Dongak, Deputy Chief of the School Department Zinaida Dechtyar, City Council deputy Ostap Damba-Khuurak, chief of the house maitenance unit 'Our House' Oxana Kenden, businessman Eduard Naxyl, a businessman from the neighboring city of Sayanogorsk Vitaly Popov, director of a construction firm Sergei Safrin, scientific astronomer Alexei Tevek, director of a machine plant Vladimir Serikov, director of the Alcohol Quality Control Center Orlan Tinmei, and Minister of Justice of Tuva Alexandr Yazev.
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Anna Lachugina

756 Tuvan Children did not Begin Academic Due to the Lack of Proper Clothing and Shoes

Seven hundred and fifty six Tuvan children have not begun their academic year on the first of September due to the lack of proper clothing and shoes. In the villiage of Kaa-Khem, which is very close to Kyzyl, takes on the first wave of migrants from far-off districts (who are on the way to move to the capital) of Tuva, a campaign for gathering began and still goes on. The local alexistration sent letters to local businessmen asking to help the children to be able to go to school.
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Dina Oyun

90th Anniversary of Dersou

Today is the 90th birthday of the legendary Maxim Munzuk, a Tuvan actor, writer, director, and folklore collector who made Tuva known after his triumphant role of Dersou Usala in the film of the same title made by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.
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Dina Oyun

Revenue Per Capita in Tuva this Year is 2,065 rubles (aprox. 70 dollars), which is 20 Higher than Last Year

Today, during government session, the preliminary results of the socio-economic development of the Republic were discussed. They correspond to the ones planned for the current year. An increase of 7 out of 10 main branches has been fixed: electrical energy, metal processing, and wood and timber processing. Alarming is the drop in gold mining
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Government Press-Service

Results of the Archaeological Excavations Prove the Gerodot Theory

The results of the archaeological excavations by scientists from St. Petersburg in the Pii-Khem District of Tuva, prove the Gerodot theory that proposed that the Scythian tribes whose burial mounds were found in the Black Sea area are of Asian origin. However, Gerodots hypothesis was rejected due to the Caucasoid features and structures of the Scythian people.
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Yulia Kanor

Agreement of Cooperation Between the Government of Tuva and the Government of the Republic of Mongolia is under Preparation

The Agreement of Cooperation between the government of Tuva and the government of the Republic of Mongolia is under preparation. The draft of this document has been approved on all levels of both parties, and will be signed during Sherig-ool Oorzhaks visit to Mongolia in late September. Within the framework of this cooperation, the Mongolian party will provide Tuva with cattle, but this still needs to be discussed as there are certain limitations on goods and supplies in both the Constitution of Mongolia and of the Russian legislature. Most of them have to do with veterinary standardsЂMongolian standards do not correspond with those of Russia.
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Government Press-Srvice

Tuvans Protest Against the Refusal of Russian officials to Issue Visa for Dalai-Lama

Today the Buddhists of the Republic held a protest in support of the 14th Dalai Lama, whose travel into the country was refused by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the recommendation of Chinese authorities. The same kind of protests were held in all of the Buddhist republics of Russia, among them Kalmykia and Buryatia, who also expected the Dalai Lama. Ten years ago, on September 19th, Tenzin Gyatso came to Tuva for the first time, on the invitation of the Tuvan parliament. Thousands of people gathered then on Lenin St. in Kyzyl and prayed together with him. A decade after this spiritual gathering, the Buddhist leader may not return to the same place. The participants in the protest appealed to the President of Russia and the parliament of the Federation, asking for the Dalai Lamas return.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Singer Performing in Odessa

Andrei Mongush, a Tuvan musician and composer, who became extremely popular thanks to his song, 'Men Tyva Men' ('I'm Tuvan'), is now heading to the southern city of Odessa, where he has been invited to take part in a jazz festival. After the festival he will go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he will perform in nightclubs.
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Dina Oyun

'Sayany' Performing in Moscow

Tuvan state ensemble, 'Sayany', after a one year hiatus, is again performing in Moscow. The ensemble will take part in an all-Russian Festival of National Culture together with forty other ensembles representing different parts of Russia. Sayany's first concert in the Kolomenskoye was a great success. Today the Tuvan artists performed in the concert hall of Moscow University.
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Dina Oyun
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